Three-pronged means for beauty of hair

Three-pronged means for beauty of hair
Hair care, providing them with a well-groomed, luxurious look does not necessarily have to be associated with the financial costs of expensive cosmetics. Simple, affordable and affordable for the budget can be found on the pharmacy window – this will create on their basis effective caring cosmetics.

In Ayurveda, there is one unshakable principle: for the care of skin and hair, you can use only those drugs that are consumed as food inside. Guided by this principle, you can literally for a penny to help your hair always look well-groomed, shiny and healthy.

Copecks are a metaphor, not a reservation. It is at this price will cost a bag of the most ordinary powdered ascorbic acid – the favorite since childhood "ascorbic", an indispensable vitamin C.

With hair, ascorbic acid can create real miracles: lighten, gloss, remove the results of unsuccessful staining, eliminate dandruff and hairiness of hair, stop their loss and excessive brittleness.

It is not recommended to use ascorbic acid in its pure form – it is best to enrich it with shampoos, balms or rinse immediately before use. After pouring into the palm of the usual dose of detergent, add the powder of acid, mix, after which the shampoo (balm) is rubbed between the palms and applied to the hair.

If you need to wash off a pretty dark paint from the hair, then you can add cinnamon powder to ascorbic acid, and to add moisture to the hair, add a drop of honey to the mixture of hair balm, "ascorbic" and cinnamon powder. The number of sachets with acid will depend on the degree of hair coloring – the darker the hair, the more acid is needed. But do not overreact to this tool – you can dry your hair. Usually 3-4 bags are enough to make hair lose pigment, while remaining soft, smooth and lush.

For dry hair, masks with ascorbic acid based on egg yolks, vegetable oils or other fatty components are recommended. Acid will revitalize the hair, make it supple and healthy.

Oily hair is revitalized with masks with aloe juice, honey and "ascorbic". Such a mask is applied to the hair and left under the hood to effect 30-40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

To strengthen hair, to stop their loss, to accelerate growth, to restore health, splendor and brilliance – all of this is capable of absolutely inexpensive pharmaceutical means, which corresponds to the principles of Ayurveda.

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