The most spectacular places for tattoos

The most spectacular places for tattoos
Choosing a place for tattooing is one of the important stages of applying tattoos, important not only for the aesthetic effect, but also for making the tattoo smooth and looking harmonious in combination with the whole body. Experienced masters advise choosing, first of all, a place for tattooing, and only then draw or select a sketch of a tattoo. Thus, immediately it will be possible to find out which places are most suitable for drawing the picture, in which places the tattoo will not be noticeable. So, for example, it is not recommended to apply tattoos on the palms or feet, as these surfaces are most often subjected to friction as a result of everyday life and after a while the applied pattern will begin to blur. Also, such things happen with tattoos-rings, which the newlyweds like to put on.


The most spectacular is a tattoo on the forearm. The place is quite comfortable (you can either cover the tattoo with a sleeve in the society where the dress code is observed, or open it where it is convenient). Tattoos on forearm can be performed in a variety of styles, but a still larger and clear pattern is preferable.


Very popular among girls is the choice of ankle as a place for tattooing. The figure on the leg looks very impressive and playful, but it is very important to make it as clearly as possible, otherwise the tattoo may look like a skin defect.

Back and chest

The male tattoo most effectively looks on the chest and on the back. Here, a fairly large flat surface for application, and you can fill not one but several tattoos. These two places can, if necessary, be completely concealed by clothes, without violating the rules of the dress code adopted in this or that society. Women also do tattooing on their backs.


Very beautiful and expensive look tattoos made on the neck. As a rule, they represent a rather delicate work, often in the oriental style. The most common motifs for a tattoo on the neck are Buddhist symbols, Chinese symbols of harmony and longevity, various symbols important to the tattoo carrier. For women, such a tattoo is an opportunity to emphasize the beauty of the neck.


It's interesting to see a tattoo on the wrist. As a rule, they are made in the form of bracelets of different types (Celtic, Maori or Hajda symbols), but you can also choose a sketch of a small tattoo. Large male hands can have a drawing that extends from the wrist to the forearm.

Head and face

Of course, you can decorate the face and head, tattoos on the head should not only meet the aesthetic standards, but also take into account the peculiarities of the facial expression of a person. Choosing an effective tattoo on the face, it is worth to learn more about the skills of the master.

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