The most fashionable smells: choose stylish perfumes

The most fashionable smells: choose stylish perfumes
The use of perfume is not only a way to emphasize one's individuality, but also an opportunity to demonstrate to others that you are aware of current trends. All the same every season, new fragrances come into fashion.

Underlined elegance

Speaking of sensual fragrances, we can not fail to mention the new spirits of the Miss Dior line – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. At the heart of the aroma is a note of a blooming peony, but the spirits themselves are very soft, smooth and velvety. Complement the composition of Sicilian mandarin, peach, Christian Dior's favorite flower – a rose, as well as white musk. This flavor will taste very feminine and direct girls, something like the face of the fragrance – actress Natalie Prtmann.

Другой модный и весьма изысканный аромат был придуман парфюмерным гуру современности – Жан-Клод Эллена. Именно она создала новую версию аромата Jour d’Hermes – Jour d’Hermes Absolu.

Perfume gourmets were delighted with this creation. At the same time, while working on the Jour d'Hermes, Ellen broke the usual canons. The aroma is devoid of the familiar structure of spirits and individual notes, so it is very difficult to determine what lies at its basis – lily, jasmine, gardenia, rose, sweet pea or apricot blossoms.

Another very popular smell is La Vie Est Belle, Lancome. This spring he came out in a new light version. Its composition is formed by the scents of magnolia, iris, vanilla, almond, caramelized sugar and white flowers.

Fresh fruit flavors

Lovers of fresh fragrances will clearly appreciate the new creation of the brand Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight and Daisy Delight.
Daisy Delight with notes of apples, quince and freesia более сладкий, зато Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight – невесомый и едва уловимый. Композиция раскрывается нотами белого чая и розового перца, однако далее ее дополняет смесь из красного апельсина, фиалки, малины и абрикоса.

Of course, it is worth paying attention to the new Bright Crystal Absolu from Versace. Its author was the perfumer Alberto Morillas, who created the first version of the legendary Bright Crystal. The updated version is supplemented with notes of pomegranate and Chinese lemon yuzu. And the author left the usual composition of raspberries, lotus, peony, amber, musk and magnolia unchanged.


A new flavor came out and the brand Bvlgari. The novelty is called Omnia Indian Garnet and, judging by the name, India is the inspiration for its creation. The top notes are a mixture of orange with tangerine, and in the center of the composition are amber and osmanthus. This is a very sensual fragrance that will suit girls with exotic looks. In addition, he is unlikely to leave indifferent impulsive, passionate natures.

Также абсолютной сенсацией парфюмерного рынка стали духи от Dolce&Gabbana – Dolce с нотами цветков папайи, неролии, мускуса, кашемирового дерева, белого амариллиса. Последний никогда до этого не был использован для создания парфюмерных творений.

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