The habit of gnawing nails: how to stop

The habit of gnawing nails: how to stop
Nails gnaw not only children, but also adults. This unpleasant habit, called the onychophagy, brings a lot of frustration, and it is not very easy to unlearn it. How to stop gnawing your nails once and for all and not be shy anymore than your hands?

You will need
  • – специальный лак для ногтей;
  • – manicure scissors and saw;
  • – restful gathering.
Buy a special lacquer in the pharmacy that has an unpleasant taste. Apply it to the nails. You can lubricate the nail plates with normal soap.

Try to control yourself. Prevent the attempt to bring your fingers to your mouth. Distract – gnaw apple, seeds or croutons. Spin in hands pencil.

Connect to the struggle of family and friends. Ask them to pull you up when you chew on their nails. Make a bet – if by Saturday nails are in bad shape, you are leading everyone to the restaurant. If this method is unacceptable for you, think up a personal system of penalties: for each spoiled nail, press 10 times or squat.

Visit the expensive salon and do a manicure. Spoil the beautiful nails, and even expensive, it will be a pity. Although, some do not stop this. You can do the build-up. Acrylic marigold is impossible to chew.

Put in the bag the scissors for the manicure and the file. If you broke a nail, immediately bring it in order, not succumbing to the desire to gnaw it.

Avoid stress. Take light sedatives based on herbs. Praise yourself for success and do not be discouraged. Do auto-training. Show off your nails. If nothing helps, visit a psychologist.

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