The difference between a trimmer and a razor

The difference between a trimmer and a razor
We live in a time when technology does not stand still. Constantly produced any new equipment. For example, if before a hairdresser had to work only with scissors, now he can do hairstyles with the help of trimmerbut a machine. If you want to buy such a device for home use, it is important to understand the difference between a trimmer and a razor.

Что такое триммер и машинка

Trimmer is a device that allows you to remove hair on any part of the body. It can be used to create, for example, intimate hairstyles. Additional attachments allow using the trimmer even as an electric razor. If we talk about the price, it is much more expensive than an ordinary typewriter because of its compactness.

Машинка для стрижки — это такой вид бытовой техники небольшого размера, предназначенный для избавления от волос на голове и придания им необходимой формы. Сегодня существуют такие модели, которые легко справляются со стрижкой бороды и усов. Работать машинка может напрямую от сети или с помощью батареек. Предназначена для домашнего использования.

Отличие бритвы от триммера

Главным отличием двух этих аппаратов друг от друга является их размер и цена. Триммер более компактный, мелкий. Его хорошо брать с собой в поездку, путешествие или просто переносить в сумке. Незаменимая вещь в походе.

The machine for a hairstyle is much more on dimensions somewhere in two times. But there are also small types of it, which it is more expedient to attribute to trimmers. This device is more functional and powerful, usually has a large number of tips for cutting hair of any length. Because of its size and power produces much more noise.

If you compare the battery consumption of the machine and the trimmer, the latter consumes very little energy, and therefore enough for a longer time. In any case, you need to take care of both devices. Clean the nozzles in the water after each application, lubricate the blades with oil, etc.

Application of trimmer

Trimmers can not cut too long and stiff hair. In modern hairdressers often first do the main job with a machine, and then produce a simulation using a small device.

Small size trimmer allows you to remove hair in the most inaccessible places, for example, in the nose, ears, intimate places, подмышках. Все необычные прически и рисунки делаются исключительно им. Прибор этот совмещает в себе функции бритвы и машинки.

Бывают триммеры разных видов и для применения в разных conditions. Wired and wireless, with USB charging, various attachments. There are models that can be completely washed in water. In some built-in lighting – this allows you to cut hair with poor or no light. In most trim tabs, among other things, there is a depilatory function.

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