The dangers of going to the solarium

The dangers of going to the solarium
Many women, seeking to find an attractive tan, go to the solarium. Of course, this saves time and allows you to achieve a smooth and pleasant shade, but still the solarium lamps conceal a lot of dangers.

Doctors say that regular trips to the solarium increase the chances of getting melanoma (a malignant skin tumor).

If you do not protect your eyes during a tanning session with special glasses, then the risk of damage to the organs of vision is great.

The skin gets used to a permanent tan. Therefore, when it comes down, most likely you will find an increased pigmentation, which is manifested from ultraviolet.

Chances are great that you can not be warned about changing lamps in the solarium. And, taking your usual time, you will get a skin burn due to stronger radiation.

Avoid visiting the solarium, if you have a large number of birthmarks, as it increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

Overuse of the solarium will very quickly age your skin. Now in the cosmetic stores a lot of funds for use before and after the solarium, but they all can not give you 100% protection.

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