The causes of dark circles under the eyes

The causes of dark circles under the eyes
Dark circles and bruises under the eyes – this is a problem of a rather cosmetic nature. Nevertheless, the shadows under the eyes make thousands of people look up at themselves in the mirror. Why do bruises appear and what can be done to prevent them from being? Bruises and dark circles under the eyes do not add to attractiveness. They visually make a person older and give him a painful look. Therefore, they badly spoil the mood, in particular – to the fair sex. Why does such a problem appear and how to deal with it?

The main reasons for the appearance of dark circles and bruises under the eyes

The most common reason for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes of a person is a banal overwork. Suffice it literally a couple of nights of restless intermittent sleep, and the person's eyes begin to glitter feverishly, and under them appear bruises.

Другая причина, по которой у здорового в целом человека под глазами могут появиться темные круги – это авитаминоз. Нередко это явление носит сезонный характер. Достаточно пропить курс поливитаминов, непременно содержащих витамин С, и темные круги под глазами станут менее заметными, а то и совсем исчезнут.

Bruises under the eyes – an eternal companion of smokers. This is simple: nicotine makes the blood vessels more fragile and reduces their permeability, which worsens the flow of blood to the skin and prevents oxygen saturation of its deep layers. Hence – an unhealthy appearance and bluish shadows under the eyes.

With what else can you connect the appearance of bruises under the eyes?

Often, dark circles under the eyes are one of the signs of an allergy. It can be a reaction to the flowering of plants, cat or dog hair, poplar fluff and other irritants. In this case, it is enough to take antihistamines or to eliminate the source of allergy, and bruises will become less pronounced.

Often bruises under the eyes are a direct consequence of a nervous overstrain or a long and painstaking work at the computer. They will pass as soon as a person rests, sleeps and ceases to be in a state of stress.

If you sleep at least 8 hours a day, lead a healthy lifestyle, go to the sun and eat right, and bruises under the eyes do not go away, then you should see a doctor. The appearance of blue, brown or yellow shadows under the eyes may indicate a violation of the work of any of the internal organs. The doctor will take all the necessary tests in order to reveal the pathology.

Finally, bruises under the eyes can appear with age. This is due to deterioration in skin nutrition and reducing its elasticity.

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