The bloodless rhinoplasty of Dr. Tigran Aleksanyan

The bloodless rhinoplasty of Dr. Tigran Aleksanyan
There is a small clinic in the west of Moscow, which, almost every month, is transferred to the strictest secrecy mode: the day off is suddenly canceled, surgeons arrive, the operating room is being prepared, the medical personnel are bustling. Finally, a car arrives, with tinted windows, the bodyguard opens the door in front of a slender girl in large sunglasses. Empty corridors, echoing steps and, in the final, a bright flash of a lamp above the operating table.

This is not filming, although the heroine is a famous movie actress. To such plots, the staff of the clinic of the famous plastic surgeon Tigran Al'bertovich Aleksanyan has long been accustomed. The clinic has even its own deeply secret database – the results of stellar plastic surgery – more than sixty noses, faces and busts made by Dr. Aleksanyan. Why do celebrities go to him? Everything is very simple. He is the best and, moreover, he knows how to keep secrets.

What is important for the "stars" of the show business? To be beautiful, elegant and natural. So that no one doubts that it was originally. Already two weeks after the operation, a new shoot and let everyone gasp: "Oh, how beautiful she is, just a miracle of nature. But, something has changed in it, do not you think? Plastic surgery? What a plasticity! It's all the time before our eyes – shootings, parties, interviews. Probably worked with the stylist, the make-up successful. " And only the most meticulous will compare stellar photos of different years to prove that the stellar nose has changed its shape for some time – probably, after the rhinoplasty, the hump disappeared and asymmetry disappeared. But, in fact, rhinoplasty is painful – even the stars are afraid of pain, and puffiness could not get off so quickly … Obviously, something is wrong here!

However, word of mouth all the same you will not spend. The perfect reputation and impeccable work of surgeon Aleksanyan is not a secret for anybody, although it is not customary in high society to talk about it. Needless to say that the nose – this is perhaps the most prominent and outstanding part of the face, the flaws of which can not be hidden.

Rhinoplasty – the most complex and responsible of all types of plastic surgery, because during the operation not only soft tissues, but also bone and cartilaginous structures are affected. In addition, almost always the patient is guaranteed a swelling of the nose after surgery, as well as the presence of seams (even if cosmetic) and bruises.

When is it better to do rhinoplasty?

Then, when you want to change your reflection in the mirror, when the most expressive part of the face becomes annoying, when no make-up is able to hide glaring flaws.

It was always believed that the heavier the operation, the more obvious the result. The doctor of medical sciences, the best Russian expert in the field of nose plasty, Tigran A. Aleksanian, literally turned the notion of nose correction as a serious operation, which is accompanied by swelling due to rhinoplasty and requires a long rehabilitation. The doctor gives a guarantee that the postoperative period after rhinoplasty will be easy and fast, and the results of rhinoplasty will surpass all expectations.

Aleksanyan developed a unique, practically bloodless method of correcting the shape of the nose, which not only provides a more natural and elegant result, but also reduces the postoperative period by a half or two. As a result, the nose after rhinoplasty in a week looks so that the stars can give concerts and boldly go to the set.

What is dangerous rhinoplasty?

Dr. Alexanian completely abandoned the traumatic open nose plasty. His technique is based on his improved technology of closed rhinoplasty. Technically, this is much more complicated than the open surgery that surgeons have been practicing for many years. However, in this case, the patient has completely no nose edema after rhinoplasty, as well as other "side effects".

What makes it possible to do an operation to correct the nose bloodless and to get rid of bruises after rhinoplasty?

  • firstly, complete absence of visible incisions and scars after rhinoplasty (all "traces" are located only on the inner mucosa of the nose);
  • secondly – a special, "vascular-saving" method of detachment of tissues;
  • thirdly – precision technologies for resection of cartilage and bone tissue.

Bloodless rhinoplasty Aleksanyan guarantees not only the aesthetic perfection of the nose (the absence of stitches after rhinoplasty and other postoperative defects), but also its ideal function, which is important for every patient, and especially for a singer, artist or TV presenter

Many patients are wondering,What is dangerous rhinoplasty and what undesirable consequences can the operation have?? Alexanian's method completely excludes the risk of any serious complications – deformities, bone calluses and scars – this is a 100% guarantee of falling into the anti-ratings "unsuccessful plastic operations of the stars."

Another important question that worries many, in particular, public people: "How much does edema go after rhinoplasty?"?" After a routine operation, the swelling of the nose can last up to 2 months, but at the clinic of Dr. Aleksanyan you will have another result of rhinoplasty.

Tigran Albertovich's signature handwriting is a naturally beautiful, "natural" nose, without the slightest swelling, bruises and other traces of surgical intervention. At the same time, the prices of a stellar doctor are not at all under heaven – the operation in his clinic will cost in the amount from 180 to 300 thousand rubles (depending on the complexity).

Is it painful to do rhinoplasty?It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the degree of correction, but in most cases, the operation by Alexanian's method is much less painful than simple plastic surgery in private clinics.

It's no wonder that already in May the working schedule of Doctor Aleksanyan was "painted" until September! But, believe me, sometimes it's worth the wait. After all, each of us deserves the best. And, if you decide to correct your appearance, it is better to do it with a 100% guarantee, from the most "star" plastic surgeon.