The best masks for hair

The best masks for hair
Hair masks prepared at home are perhaps the most effective remedies that can protect hair from environmental conditions, make them more docile and silky, and strengthen the roots.

The best mask for hair growth

Necessary ingredients:

– two tablespoons of sour cream (the fat content depends on the type of hair, the drier the hair, the fatter must be the sour cream);

– a tablespoon of honey (any one will do);

– A tablespoon of mustard (in powder).

These ingredients should be mixed in a bowl to a homogeneous mass and applied first to the roots of hair (rubbing into the scalp), then the entire length. Keep the mask from 30 to 40 minutes, then rinse hair with cool water using a shampoo and allow them to dry naturally.

The best mask against hair loss

Necessary ingredients:

– two medium bulbs;

– a teaspoon of red pepper;

– two tablespoons of nettle decoction.

You need to clean the onions and pass it through the juicer (you can just grate the onion, then squeeze the juice through the gauze).

In the tank, mix the onion juice, red pepper and broth. The broth is prepared as follows: three tablespoons of nettle are placed in the pot, filled with water in an amount of 100 ml and cooked until half of the liquid evaporates.

The resulting mask should be applied to the roots of the hair, gently massaging the scalp. For best effect, you can put on a polyethylene hat and warm your head. Keep the mask for 20-40 minutes, then wash it off with a shampoo. It is worth noting that this mask is quite effective in hair loss, but it has a drawback: the hair for a long time keeps the onion smell, which can only be slightly broken by rinsing them with water and lemon.

The best mask for brittle hair

Necessary ingredients:

– 50 ml of fatty cream;

– One yolk;

– a tablespoon of honey;

– two tablespoons of blue clay;

– three drops of essential oil (either lavender, or jasmine, or geranium).

So, the cream should be warmed up to the temperature of 40 degrees, then quickly enter all the other ingredients in them and mix well.

Apply the mask on the hair for a couple of hours, then rinse with cool water using shampoo.

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