The best mascara for eyelashes

The best mascara for eyelashes
Beautiful eyelashes – one of the main means of female seduction. But, unfortunately, not everyone is generous in the same measure: not all women can boast of long and fluffy eyelashes. That's where the mascara comes in, which often becomes one of the most indispensable items in the cosmetic bag. There are a lot of types and brands of mascara for eyelashes – with different brushes, a variety of consistency and composition. In this case, quality plays an important role, as with the make-up, a very important organ is affected – the eyes, and the result of an allergic reaction can be unpredictable. That's why it's very important to be able to choose a suitable mascara – the one that will be ideal for its owner.

The right choice: composition and quality

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. In most cases it is quite simple – in fact, it is soot, dye and useful substances ranging from one brand to another. Also, ingredients that support the growth and density of eyelashes, such as keratin and lanolin, are added. The best option for the natural beauty of eyelashes is, of course, therapeutic mascara, in which there are no coloring elements, but the composition includes proteins, castor oil and vitamins (mainly F, A, E).

When buying carcasses, there are several unmistakable ways to determine its quality. Be sure to pay attention to the packaging – the date of manufacture, the country of manufacture and the composition should be read without problems. Do not buy mascara from the display case, only the sealed goods. In addition, quality mascara should not have a strong smell, and the consistency should be similar to a cream. If there are visible lumps or a consistency in the carcasses, this means that the conditions of its storage were violated. Also, there is a very simple way to check the quality of the carcass by running a brush along the back of the palm – the resulting line should be flat and spotless.

It is worth noting that hard brushes are better suited for not too thick eyelashes – they are well separated and neatly dyed. With thick eyelashes, such a brush can, on the contrary, glue them together. As for the length of the eyelashes, for short it is better to choose a more liquid mascara with a rare brush, and for long, but rare – a thicker consistency, with a densely packed brushes.

A little bit about the color

From the aesthetic point of view, there are also a number of recommendations. Speaking of color carcass, it should be emphasized that it can change the perception of the natural color of the eyes.

Black mascara is ideal for blonde women with a skin of a swarthy complexion and blue and brown eyes. The beauty of the brunette is more advantageously emphasized by mascara of dark brown and purple flowers. Brown-eyed brown-haired women are suitable for black and dark brown shades, and the owner of blue eyes can choose a dark green, blue, brown and purple carcass.

And finally: when using carcasses, do not be too zealous. Ability to emphasize their beauty is a great talent, but it is important not to erase it with an excessive make-up.

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