The best folk remedies for the treatment of dandruff

The best folk remedies for the treatment of dandruff
Dandruff is one of the most common modern hair disorders: the head, covered with dandruff, looks extremely unaesthetic. Moreover, dandruff has the property of showering on clothes, which further exacerbates the situation. To cope with this problem it is possible both with the help of modern cosmetics, and with the help of time-tested folk methods. Folk tips for combating dandruff are suitable for completely different types of skin and hair, so before using them, you must take into account the features of the scalp and individual contraindications. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself. For dry scalp, half an hour before washing, it is recommended to do a massage. To do this, mix one tablespoon of castor and olive oil and add lemon juice to them. This suspension is intended for thorough rubbing into the scalp.

Люди, страдающие обилием жирной перхоти, могут воспользоваться следующим советом. Необходимо смешать по одной столовой ложке касторового масла, сока лимона, сока алоэ и натурального меда. За 30 минут до мытья головы эту смесь необходимо тщательно втереть в голову массирующим движением. Хорошим средством для домашней борьбы с перхотью является морская соль. Ее необходимо регулярно втирать в кожу головы, но только после тщательного мытья волос и с последующим ополаскиванием.

To combat dandruff, you can use special masks from sea salt. The fact that the salty environment has a fatal effect on the fungus of the head, and in itself salt perfectly cleanses the skin of dead cells.

By the way, in the role of scrub for the scalp can act not only sea salt, but also ordinary baking soda. Moreover, soda helps to eliminate excess fatty hair. To do this, it is diluted with a small amount of water until a mushy mass is obtained, after which it is rubbed into the scalp. After the procedure, the head should be thoroughly rinsed. Do not abuse this method, because soda can dry your hair. Another way to eliminate dandruff is to add two teaspoons of soda to the shampoo. For oily dandruff shampoo with soda is used once a week, and for dry – not more than twice a month.

You can remove dandruff with chicken eggs, mixed with honey. Two eggs are broken into a deep cup and whisked to form a thick foam. This foamy mass is applied to the hair, after which they are lubricated with natural honey. It is necessary to wrap the head for one hour with a food film, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Good with dandruff fights and olive oil. It needs to be heated to an average temperature, moisten a cotton swab in it and evenly wipe the scalp with it. The head should be wrapped in a food film for 30 minutes, after which it should be rinsed well.

Можно вывести перхоть при помощи ополаскивания головы травяными отварами. Хороший эффект оказывает отвар из чистотела, крапивы и пижмы. Для его получения сухие травы заливаются крутым кипятком и настаиваются около часа.

One of the best folk ways to combat dandruff is based on the use of fresh chicken eggs, vodka and kefir. One chicken egg is mixed with two tablespoons of yogurt and vodka, then applied to the scalp with massaging movements. In this condition, the head should be held for half an hour, and then – it is good to wash off the suspension from it. This procedure is carried out once in two days.

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