The Beginner’s Guide To Asian Cosmetics Part 3 : Packaging is a necessity



Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare ObsessionPart 2 : An Asian Approach


Packaging plays a REALLY important part in Asian Cosmetics. Well, it does in Western Cosmetics too, but they don’t have the luxury of having nice packaging = cheap. Anything nice in the Western world = expensive. I’m sure there have been many times you bought something for their packaging ( e.g that It’s Skin Macaroon Lip Balm or the Etude House Missing U Hand Creams ). In fact, most of the packaging of Asian Cosmetic Products are so functional and cute that you’d end up using them as something else when you finish using it. 


I’m going to start with the packaging of the ‘cutesy’ products which all Asians will fall for, but westerners would deem it as ‘childish’.


If you think that the Japanese makes the best ‘kawaii’ packaging – the Koreans take it to a whole new level and at cheap prices too! These stuff can be re-used to store your fruits, paper clips, whatever you want!


Ranging from a range of groceries products like fruits, eggs, to patisserie products like macaroons.



In this photo : creams, masks, macaroon lip balms, pore tightening serums ( oh, there’s even a seed for you to grow your own plant in it after you’re done with the product ), and the egg soap.



In this photo : nail polish, lip balm, perfume & mascara.



In this photo : lip gloss, mists, perfumes, hand creams.



In this photo : No it’s not a cappuccino, it’s a facial scrub. Blusher. Ice-cream creams.



In this photo : perfumes, sleeping masks, blusher, hand creams, primer, lipstick.


Other than the ‘kawaii stuff’, Korean products do offer really nice packaging at a really good price. Here are some examples for the ‘lower-end’ Korean cosmetic products.



In this photo : Holika Holika, Skinfood, TonyMoly, Naruko ( Taiwanese company )



In this photo : Holika Holika, It’s Skin, The Saem


Taiwan’s forte in the packaging department clearly lies in their sheet masks which are very attractively packaged. The Koreans lose hands down when it comes to the packaging of mask sheets.




Even though Japan can’t beat the Koreans in the packaging of the ‘lower to mid range’ products, they definitely are the best when it comes to ultimate luxury packaging.




In this photo : The two pictures in pink are not luxury products but lower-end products.


Personally, i love the packaging of Korean Chinese Medicinal Skincare products. Sadly, Sulwhasoo’s packaging is the uglier one out of the rest ( but still looks pretty good ).






And let’s not forget the gorgeous packaging of the blush, powders, and pacts from History Of Whoo & Sulwhasoo




Although not as luxurious as the packaging of Japanese luxury brands, the packaging for Korean luxury brands are still really gorgeous!





Even the men’s line are gorgeous!




And to end things : the $1000USD Cream from Su:m37





So which were your favourites? Share it below !

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  1. What company makes the products with the filigree-like packaging in the very first picture showing the Japanese luxury packaging?

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