The basis for make-up: how to give the skin a perfect appearance

The basis for make-up: how to give the skin a perfect appearance
A make-up foundation is created to smooth the skin and give the face an ideal appearance. It is indispensable in holiday make-up, but it is also suitable for everyday life. Choose the right texture and shade of the base and apply it in a very thin layer. Base, stem or primer – a means that aligns and illuminates the skin, can be called differently. Available for all skin types. They differ in saturation, density, texture and shade. Makeup artists recommend choosing two or three options and using them depending on the situation.

For daily make-up, a light base on a water basis is suitable. Its task is to smooth the skin and fill the pores. Over such a foundation, a foundation or powder will lie in a very thin layer, not creating a mask effect. Very good with sunscreen filters. Dry skin needs a foundation with moisturizing ingredients, fatty matting primer is needed. Withered, toned skin needs a base with the effect of lifting.

In the evening, use a base with reflective particles. She beautifully highlights the face, giving it a healthy shade. Tanned leather looks very beautiful with golden sequins, pale pink pearly pigments will suit. If you chose a base with gloss, use a translucent foundation and powder without sparkling particles.

The basis can cope with an unhealthy complexion. The earthy tone of the skin will be removed by the lilac base, the pale pink will revitalize the pale pink base. If the face has a noticeable reddish capillary mesh, try a primer of pale green color. Purely white base will make the face transparent porcelain, and golden refreshing vanishing tan.

Чтобы база выполняла свои функции, важно правильно наносить ее. Сначала очистите лицо тоником без содержания спирта. Сухую кожу лучше предварительно увлажнить гелем или эмульсией. Дайте увлажнителю впитаться и кончиками пальцев вбейте в кожу основу. Распределяйте ее по массажным линиям очень легкими движениями. Втирать средство не нужно, база быстро впитывается, оставляя кожу гладкой и нелипкой. Немного основы можно нанести и на веки, она поможет теням и подводке лучше держаться.

If the face is peeling, treat the skin with a soft exfoliant or exfoliating lotion before makeup.

On top of the base, apply a tonal remedy: emulsion, cream, mousse or powder. Do not be afraid to lubricate the base, it is securely fixed on the skin. Note that using a tone foundation will require significantly less. Spread the tone on the face with your fingertips, with a brush or sponge, and then lightly powder your face with a crumbly, translucent powder.

Основа под макияж не относится к ухаживающим средствам и имеет лишь декоративный эффект. Чтобы улучшить состояние кожи, дополнительно используйте увлажняющие и подтягивающие кремы, гели и лосьоны.

If inflammation is noticeable on the skin, pretreat them with an antiseptic, and then apply a base and a dense corrector. Women who have combined skin, you can use just two kinds of base. For example, apply a matting primer to a fat T-zone, and a moisturizer on a more dry cheek. The base with sparkles, too, should not be applied to the whole face. Highlight her forehead, cheekbones and the back of her nose, covering her cheeks and chin with a matte leveling agent.

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