Than useful massage for losing weight

Than useful massage for losing weight
Among the procedures designed to reduce weight, massage takes a special place. It relaxes muscles and increases their elasticity, increases the endurance of a person, improves metabolism, and saturates cells with oxygen. There are about 200 types of massage.

How does fat burning occur?

For some reason, some people have an erroneous opinion that the masseur kneads fatty deposits and thereby destroys cellulite. This is fundamentally wrong, fat can not be removed or shattered, it can only be burned. As a result of massage in the area of ??fat deposits increases blood circulation, metabolism is activated. Thus, fat is expended on the increased needs of tissues. Note that the fat cells burn completely independently. As a result, excess centimeters "leak" easily and quickly.

And yet only with the help of one massage all fats will not burn. It is necessary to combine it with certain diets, exercise and increase the overall activity of the body.

Types of massage for weight loss and their benefits

Fat deposits occur primarily on the abdomen. Therefore, massage of this zone is of great importance for the harmony of the whole figure. Of course, professional masseurs have the most effective methods of massage of the abdomen. But in the absence of the opportunity to visit a beauty salon or clinic, you can independently massage problem areas.

Chop the abdominal muscles with a pinch massage. Its essence lies in the impact on the fat folds of the fingers: just perform energetic tweaks and gradually increase the pressure. At the end of the massage, rub the stomach with a towel and make gymnastics. After all, warmed muscles respond better to physical exercises. The benefit of pinch massage is that it smooths the skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and various stagnant phenomena. Massage on a regular basis helps to remove slags and improves the general condition of the body.

For a water massage, a normal shower is enough. Its essence lies in directing water jets to problem areas. In this case, the head and temperature of the water must be changed periodically. After a week of performing this massage, you can see the results: taut and smooth skin.

Point massage for weight loss is one of the most effective ways to lose a couple of extra pounds. This kind of massage came to us from ancient China. Its essence lies in the impact on the points that affect the appetite. So, the first point is the auric cavity. This is the place where the ear joins with the jaw. Ear lobe massage also helps to reduce appetite. The second point is four fingers down from the ankle on the right foot. The third point is the place where the shoulder joins the neck. The fourth point is from the navel to two fingers on both sides. Massaging must be done in a circular motion for one to two minutes.

A can or vacuum massage of the abdomen is performed using cans made of silicone. Before the beginning of massage on problem areas, a cream or anti-cellulite oil is applied. Then the cans are fixed on the skin and move around in a circle. The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes, after which the body is covered with a blanket. Emerging bruises and bruises pass as soon as the body gets used to the massage.
Vacuum procedure acts on the upper layer of the skin, lymph flow and blood circulation. To the problem areas increases the flow of oxygen. This type of massage is recommended to get rid of fat deposits in the buttocks, upper thighs. The canal action also helps with cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis.

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