Than the broth of a train for hair is useful

Than the broth of a train for hair is useful
Along with modern progressive cosmetology means, popular cosmetics is gaining popularity. It does not contain chemical additives and is a storehouse of natural, useful substances. One of the means – infusions and broths of herb grass, which are often used in the treatment and strengthening of hair and scalp. The main advantage of the succession is the presence of tannins, essential oils, micronutrients such as iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, etc., vitamins A and C. This plant has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, so it is beneficial for the skin. In it, doctors recommend bathing babies. It perfectly strengthens hair, helps fight dandruff and solves a number of other problems.

You can grow a row in your own garden, at the dacha or buy for a little money in a pharmacy. And from fresh or dried leaves in your kitchen to prepare decoctions and infusions for strengthening hair and treating the scalp.

Череда для укрепления волос

In villages, women have long used a string to strengthen hair and give them shine. In the leaves of the sequence contains keratin – provitamin A. It gives hair vitality and a healthy appearance, accelerates the growth of curls. Cosmetologists recommend to use the sequence for weak, lifeless, brittle and dull hair, which are often susceptible to chemical and mechanical effects (painting, lightening, perm, hairdryers and ironing).

With all these problems, you must regularly, at least once a week, after washing rinse your hair with a medium-strength broth. In addition, you can make masks to care for the hair from the string with the addition of other ingredients (egg, honey, kefir, burdock or castor oil).

Recipe for the broth of the string to strengthen the hair: pour one glass of hot water two tablespoons. of the crushed plant. Insist liquid for 2 / 3 hours, then strain through gauze. Before rinsing the resulting broth, dilute 1 with a liter of warm water and apply to the scalp and the entire length of the hair. Flush with the infusion is not necessary. Hair must first be washed with shampoo and thoroughly rinsed.

Череда для лечения перхоти

Dandruff is a common problem with scalp like in men so in women. Itching and aesthetic untidiness can bring a lot of unpleasant moments. Even expensive shampoos do not always release once and for all from this problem. A turn effectively and economically copes with dry dandruff.

Seborrhea, or dandruff, appears due to disruption of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. In turn, there are tannins with anti-inflammatory effect, which contributes to the reduction and complete disappearance of dandruff.

Decoction against dandruff: pour water 4-5 st.l. of the crushed plant. Boil over low heat broth 6-7 minutes. In a warm form, rub the line in the scalp twice a week for one month.

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