Than good epilation

Than good epilation
Women have long been struggling with unwanted vegetation on their bodies. And what only ways they used to get rid of excess hair. However, today science has gone so far as to invent various methods of epilation. The impact of this procedure is directed to the "root of evil" – the hair follicle and the hair follicle, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary hair for a long time or even forever.

Advantages of different types of hair removal

To date, there are several different types of hair removal:
– лазерная эпиляция;
– photoepilation;
– Electrolysis;
– enzyme hair removal;
– Ultrasonic hair removal.

Laser hair removal can affect a group of follicles at once. The full course is approximately 3 or 4 sessions. To fix this effect, you need to repeat sessions in 2-3 months.

При помощи лазерного аппарата можно за 1 сеанс обработать большую поверхность – к примеру, голени и бедра. При лазерной обработке кожа не повреждается, а потому возможность возникновения рубцов или инфицирования практически исключена. Процедура лазерной эпиляции практически безболезненна и непродолжительна (к примеру, на воздействие на область бикини понадобится от 5 до 10 минут.

Photoepilation and laser hair removal allow for several sessions of exposure to light on the hair follicles to destroy the latter, resulting in unwanted hair will never bother you.

Photoepilation is also a practically painless procedure, without any mechanical effect on the skin. In addition, the skin under the influence of light activates the process of protein production, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, – collagen.

The method of photoepilation is suitable even for those who do not have a strong contrast between hair and skin. This procedure can be done for women with dark skin and dark hair.

Electrolysis reliably eliminates unnecessary hairs. Using a thin needle through which the current flows, the hair follicle is removed. This procedure is a little painful, but very effective. Correctly destroyed hair follicle after the session of electrolysis is not restored. This method is available for all types of hair and any skin color.

Thanks to photoepilation, you can remove both hard and cannula hairs.

Enzyme hair removal is safe, very comfortable and inexpensive. With this method, hair can be epilated directly перед отпуском. The essence of the procedure of enzyme epilation is the effect on the follicles of the so-called enzymes – biologically active substances.

This procedure is carried out in several stages. First, they do classical wax depilation. After that, the master applies an enzyme-containing preparation to the skin, and thermobands on top of it. Then all this is well heated by infrared rays. To consolidate the effect obtained, it is desirable to carry out such a procedure once a month.

With ultrasonic hair removal, unnecessary hair is removed with a special gel and ultrasound device. As with enzyme hair removal, in the beginning the wizard will make you an ordinary wax depilation. The very procedure of ultrasonic hair removal is painless.

So what is good about hair removal: the conclusions

Epilation is good because in just a few sessions held in the salon by the master cosmetician, you will get rid of undesirable vegetation for good. With hair removal, you can permanently fix the problem antennae, which can spoil even the most attractive female face. You can remove hair wherever you want: on legs, in the armpit, in the intimate zone, etc.

Yes, hair removal is not an expensive pleasure. However, imagine that you will never again need to pluck out, shave, remove hair with a depilator, experiencing thus not the most pleasant sensations, and it is possible, and a strong pain. Also you will forget about the problem of irritation, redness and ingrown hair. That's what epilation is good for.

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