Than an alexandrite laser differs from a diode

Than an alexandrite laser differs from a diode
Before use, you should carefully examine the contraindications and consult a dermatologist. And apply only to certified clinics and medical centers.

So, what is the difference between the two lasers?

1. Operating principle

The Alexandrite laser produces radiation energy that acts on melanin and destroys the hair cells. The diode laser penetrates to a much greater depth.

2. To remove what hair is intended

Alexandrite laser is effective only for dark hair on white skin. Categorically it is impossible to apply it, if the skin is swarthy, tanned, and also sunbathing for two weeks after epilation. The diode laser also removes lighter and thinner hair, and it can also be used on swarthy skin.

3. How is the procedure performed

The Alexandrite laser does not come into contact with the skin, the hair is removed by flash, it is kind of burned out. The procedure is accompanied by a specific smell of scaly hair. In the case of a diode laser, epilation is carried out by a contact method, using a special gel, which serves as a conductor.

4. Feels during epilation

If in advertising you will meet the claim that laser hair removal is absolutely painless, this, of course, is not so. Painful sensations depend largely on the area of ??exposure. For example, on the zone of a deep bikini they will be present. Nevertheless, cosmetologists advise not to use anesthetics, if you can suffer pain. The nature of the pain differs slightly when using these two lasers: in the case of alexandrite sensation, point sensations, diode – longer.

5. Result

Hair after any laser drops out within two-three weeks, but after alexandrite hair over the skin is burned, when using a diode it does not change its appearance. For dark hair on light skin, both lasers give good results. It also depends on the individual characteristics, so it makes sense to try both. Many people switch from alexandrite to a diode laser, because after several procedures the hair becomes thinner and lighter.

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