Terms of use of mustard mask for hair

Terms of use of mustard mask for hair
Mustard hair mask is considered one of the most effective. This burning component strengthens the hair, stimulates their growth, gives shine and softness. At the same time, mustard is very dangerous to the scalp. To make the mask give effect, you need to use it correctly and know some nuances.

Mustard strongly warms up the skin and is irritant. Therefore, before rubbing it into the roots of the hair, you need to check whether there is an allergic reaction. The mixture for the beginning is applied to the base of the hand (from the palm side). If you feel only a burning sensation, the reaction is quite normal. There should be no severe itching and redness.

The main ingredient of the mask is the mustard powder, and not the food mustard.

Маска делается только на грязные волосы.

The mixture should not get into the eyes, so as not to cause irritation.

Mustard powder should be diluted only with warm water. From hot water will begin to emit harmful toxins.

The mask can not be insisted for long, otherwise there will be a lot of chemicals that will enhance the burning sensation.

На голове маску нужно держать от 15 минут до 1 часа – не более. Горчица сильно сушит кожу и может вызвать появление перхоти. По это причине в смесь добавляют масло (репейное, персиковое, оливковое и т.д.). Кончики волос не должны подвергаться действию маски. Их лучше смазать тем же самым маслом.

To wash off a mask it is necessary warm water that not to irritate a head skin which will be strongly burnt after mustard.

Голову нужно вымыть не только шампунем, но и бальзамом, чтобы волосы не были сухими после процедуры.

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