Tattoo shooter on the eyes: the pros and cons

Tattoo shooter on the eyes: the pros and cons
Today, make-up is an integral part of every woman's life. This routine daily procedure, taking a lot of time and effort. More and more women decide to make a tattoo shooter in front of their eyes, and for this they have many reasons. Modern girls are sure that the advantages of tattooing eyelids are only in saving – time, money, nerves. Indeed, permanent make-up can reduce the time to care for yourself and does not require the use of decorative cosmetics.

Advantages of the service

In addition to the attractive prospect of forgetting about daily makeup, tattooing the shooter in front of eyes promises a transformation of the shape of the eyes.

Nobody will argue that a skillfully executed permanent make-up can decorate any woman. For example, in adulthood, when the skin loses its elasticity, it is very difficult to draw piping arrows or a contour pencil. Make-up turns out to be blurry and unstable. A professional tattoo artist will not only solve this problem, but also help visually adjust age changes.

Young girls prefer not to make clear arrows, and intermittent feathering. This method has undeniable advantages. First, this tattoo looks as natural as possible. Secondly, even fading, it does not spoil the general appearance of the face, it is easy to disguise it with a contour pencil. Third, the filling intermittent space visually makes the eyelashes more dense, which means that you can refuse not only from the liner, but also from the carcass.

In addition, the advantages of tattooing eyelids are that it makes the eyes bigger and more expressive. For this effect, shadow shading is used.

but on the other hand

If the pros to customers will be painted in detail, the minuses of the permanent make-up of eyelids workers of the salons try not to advertise.

One of the significant drawbacks is the unpredictable response of the body. As a result, the arrows may fade after a week (if the skin will be rejected by the pigment) or not black, but, for example, blue or greenish.

Also, many do not dare to make permanent due to pain. Indeed, the procedure gives a tangible discomfort. In addition, there is a risk of damage to the optic nerve.

In addition, the tattoo of the eyelids will fade with time, change the shade to blue or gray, but will not wash at all. This is his main flaw. In this case, it is generally better to remove the pigment and make the permanent again, than during the correction to drive into the skin a new paint that can give an unexpected color.

In the end, the disadvantages of permanent eyelid make-up can outweigh its advantages. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully choose a master and find out what dyes he uses.

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