Swelling and bruising under the eyes

Swelling and bruising under the eyes
Many people often attend such a nuisance as bags and bruises under the eyes. It is impossible to look beautiful and attractive, if you have swelling of the eyelids and there is an unhealthy "blueness" under the eyes. Most of the bags and bruises under the eyes occur due to a sleepless night, due to tears, lack of water in the body or from excessive consumption of salt.

Try not to eat salty, spicy food for the night, as the salt delays the water in the body. The cause of edema can be the use of a large amount of liquid before going to bed, so if you are thirsty, try to limit yourself to a couple of sips of water. Alcohol and coffee also contribute to water retention.

During the day, try to consume about two liters of water, as insufficient water intake can also cause swelling. It is especially useful to drink raw or melt water on an empty stomach.

In order to look cheerful and rested in the morning, it is recommended to go to bed until 11 hours of the evening and sleep at least 8 hours.

It is not recommended to apply nourishing face cream right before bedtime. If the cream contains film-forming components, then applying this cream before bedtime can cause swelling under the eyes.

Harmful habits also cause bags and bruises under the eyes. At smoking and the use of alcohol the skin loses the elasticity and elasticity, promotes swelling of a hypodermic-fatty layer. Therefore, if you want to look fresh and attractive – give up bad habits.

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