Sweating. We struggle with the help of folk methods

Sweating. We struggle with the help of folk methods
On the one hand, sweating is a normal function of the human body. On the other hand, it causes inconvenience. And that only women do not use to solve this problem. We suggest turning to folk remedies. As you know, they are tested not by one generation and will not cause any harm to health.

Если вы располагаете небольшим количеством времени, можно обратиться к настоям. Для начала рассмотрим самый популярный. Его приготовление довольно простое: 1 чайная ложка дубовой коры, сок лимона на стакан кипятка. В таком отваре смочите вату и протирайте проблемное место несколько раз в день.

You can also use tinctures of chamomile. Take 6 tablespoons chopped chamomile flowers and pour 2 liters of boiling water. We insist an hour. Then add 2 tablespoons of soda.

If you want to do without a kitchen, use essential oils from rose hips, tuberose and sandalwood. Wet the cotton pad in one of the oils and wipe the skin. You can apply for help to women from Brazil, who very easily solve the problem: for a couple of minutes, attach to the armpits along the lemon slice. But before this, always wipe the skin with sanitary napkins. The result is for the whole day.

It is very important not to forget to take a contrast shower, after which you can lubricate the necessary places 1-2% solution of acetic acid.
А для тех, кто повредил кожу с помощью deodorants или бритвенного станка, посоветуем использовать тальк. Он убережет кожу от раздражений.

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