Summer Beauty Tips and Attractions

Summer Beauty Tips and Attractions
In the hot summer days, it is especially difficult to keep track of your beauty. In the city's environment, the skin is damaged by dry hot air, malicious cars, the scorching sun. To always look attractive and fresh, you need to know the time-tested tips for caring for yourself in the summer.

In summer, ice cream from cucumber and aloe will become an indispensable skin care product. Prepare them uncomplicated – you need to take the squeezed juice of aloe 1 ch. L and pour into the ice mold. Also do with the cucumber juice, which after pouring is poured into the mold and placed in the freezer to freeze. These cubes are perfect for refreshing and toning the face and decollete zone on hot, sunny summer days.

In the summer days, getting rid of hair on the legs and hands occurs twice as often as in winter, and there is a high likelihood of irritation on the skin. To help come chamomile tea, which quickly calms down and eliminates skin irritations. Tea works better than the most publicized after shave. You need to take a few spoons of chamomile and pour 100 ml of water, let it brew and cool. Then moistened in this tea gauze applied to the place where skin irritation appeared. Hold 15 min. Also worth noting that the irritation after shaving perfectly removes the usual baby powder.

Slow down the growth of unwanted hair on the body will help the product from the juice of lemon, water and sugar, taken in equal proportions. The agent is applied after 15 minutes after shaving and is kept on the skin 20 min. The procedure can be carried out after each shave. Hair growth is markedly reduced, and shaving will be required less often.

In the heat of the sun, our hair is exposed to direct effects and noticeably burn out. To protect yourself in the absence of a headdress, you need to apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar on the entire length of the hair and dry them. In such a simple way, you will protect them from burnout and "straw effect".

It is possible to fight with brittle hair ends that have been touched in summer in coconut oil. It not only moisturizes, smoothes hair along the entire length, but also relieves of split ends. The oil is applied to dry unwashed hair from roots to tips, aged for 20 min, then washed off with running water. After application, the result is immediately visible: obedient silky hair. For the same purposes, avocado juice can be added to the coconut oil in equal proportions, this will provide nutrition to the hair follicles. Hair will become shiny and bulky

If you burn in the sun, the same coconut oil will help. Mix in equal parts apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, rub into the skin with light massaging movements and leave for the night. This method will help to avoid skin peeling, cure and soothe irritation.

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