Such useful natural cosmetics

Such useful natural cosmetics
Scientists believe that natural remedies: flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, roots – can be used in cosmetics. In medicine at all times, their useful properties were valued. Such lotions, creams, compresses and infusions have a very beneficial effect on the human body.

Prepare infusions and decoctions of plant substances, they can wipe the skin of the face and neck. For example, cornflower has the property of calming tired eyes. Brew with boiling water 45 g of flowers, chill, rub the eyelids received lotion 2 times a day.

Вереск прекрасно исцеляет лишаи и, кроме того, обесцвечивает веснушки. Настаивайте 60 г цветков в течение 15 минут на оливковом масле. Его можно применять для массажа проблемных мест. Настоем аптечной ромашки очень удобно ополаскивать светлые волосы после мытья. Такая процедура положительно воздействует на волосяной покров головы, а также придает блеск прядям.

After a long stay in the cold, it is good to make a warm compress from the infusion of the althaea leaves. Apply to irritated facial skin for 15 minutes. Has a pronounced soothing effect and hops. In case of severe dandruff, pour in 2 Art. l. grass horsetail 2 glasses of boiling water, insist an hour. Rinse your hair after each wash.

Excellent nourish and soften the skin of almond and avocado oil, and the skin immediately absorbs them. Antiseptic properties of celandine contribute to the removal of warts.

To whiten the tooth enamel, grind the root of the iris and chew it twice a day. Quite a refreshing breath and infusion of flowers and mint leaves. If you put a little thyme in a hot bath, it will have a stimulating effect on the entire body.

One handful of black currant a day provides a person's daily need for ascorbic acid. In addition, the berry contains pectins, phosphorus salts, essential oil, vitamin A, iron, potassium. Currant stimulates the work of the stomach and intestines, prevents cancers and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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