Stylish hairstyles at the prom: take center stage

Stylish hairstyles at the prom: take center stage
Graduation party for many young women of fashion – like a royal ball for Cinderella. This event is bought the most chic dresses and sophisticated accessories. However, beautiful clothes are only half the success. In creating a vivid image, hairstyle at the prom is not the least important. Properly selected and artfully embodied in the hair, she is able to add a flavor and color to the image.

Beams and naches

Graphic beams on perfectly smooth hair is one of the bright trends of the last seasons. Similar stems are compared with origami. The more fantastic the bundle, the better. It is not difficult to make such a haircut. To do this, build a tail at the base of the neck or on the back of the head, fasten the locks around the tail as you like. Then fix the hair with a varnish. The final touch will be an ornament in the form of a beautiful hair clip, a living flower or a hoop. Such a hairstyle will suitably dress in the floor.

Do not write off the bump, the more they are again at the peak of popularity. Quite stylishly, this hair style will look on smooth hair. What is higher is better. Lush styling in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot looks truly luxurious, stylish and bright.

Hairstyles at the prom in retro style

Мягкие волны, глянцевые волны в голливудском духе, бабетта, кок – все это будет весьма актуально на выпускном. Такие прически сделают из girls a real lady, an adult, but not vulgar.

Hairstyles at the graduation with weaving

The weaving on the hair always looks very gentle and original. It's a great choice to graduation party also for the reason that such hairstyles retain their form for a long time. The accessories play an important role here. Such hairstyles can always be decorated with live and artificial flowers, ribbon, veil.

Hairstyles at the graduation in the Greek style

To become like a real goddess at the prom, you will not need a propiska on Olympus, but only a haircut in antique style. A sweet and romantic image of the Greek goddess enjoys deserved popularity not only among brides, but also graduates. Drooping curls, a tail of small braids, an elegant bundle-knot – the choice is yours. These hairstyles will suit everyone, regardless of texture, length and hue of hair.


High smooth tail – a no-lose option for hairstyles on high school graduation. Она подойдет тем, кто желает добавить в образ элегантного шика. Чтобы подобная прическа не выглядела слишком скучно, украсьте хвост какой-нибудь яркой деталью, например, лентой или бусами.

Распущенные волосы на выпускной

Who said that at the prom, you should not come with your hair loose? It's time to destroy this ridiculous stereotype. If your hair is puffed up with health, loose hair is your ideal option. To add a zest to the image, make an unusual parting on the hair. Recently, the stylists in favor have parted in the form of the English letter "V": it is made directly at the hairline, slightly above it or in the form of a letter turned upside down. If you decide to limit your hair, make a bright make-up. Juicy strokes on the eyelids or scarlet lipstick is a fitting end to this image.

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