Steam baths for face

Steam baths for face
Steam baths for the face are a natural method of skin cleansing. Steam softens the skin, opens the pores and helps to get rid of accumulated dirt. Thanks to this method of treatment, you can control the appearance of acne and black spots, and give your skin a healthy shine.

The positive thing about steam baths is that they can be carried out not only in beauty parlors, but also in domestic conditions. This method of cleansing is suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to make steam baths at least once a week, while people with oily skin should do it twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, it will be optimal to perform the procedure every two weeks. Steam baths should be avoided for people suffering from asthma or allergies to plants.

Cleanse thoroughly the face. You can use any means except scrubs. Wash your face with warm water so that it does not leave any dirt or grease.

Boil the water. You will need at least 0,5 liters of water. You can take a pan or a wide and deep bowl. Steam baths are often carried out on the basis of water, but for maximum effect and pleasure you can use herbs or essential oils that you need to choose carefully.

Use for oily skin lavender, green tea, eucalyptus oil or tea tree, thin slices of lemon, chamomile, mint. For dry skin, use lavender, chamomile, rose oil, green tea. For sensitive skin, chamomile and lavender are suitable, and for combined skin – lavender, green tea and tea tree oil.

Place the selected ingredients in a pot of boiling water and leave for 5-10 minutes. Before the procedure, lightly cool the tincture. So the steam will not be too hot and will avoid irritation of the skin. In addition, too hot steam can cause cracks to appear on the skin.

Возьмите полотенце и приготовьтесь к процедуре. Свяжите ваши волосы в пучок, чтобы они не мешались. Наклонитесь над кастрюлей и накиньте полотенце сверху, так чтобы все лицо оказалось под воздействием пара. Между вашим лицом и поверхностью воды должно быть не менее 20 см

Close your eyes, as some of the ingredients that you put into the water can cause them to irritate. Breathe deeply and relax. If you feel uncomfortable because of the heat, take small breaks, taking off the towel from time to time.

Take a steam bath for 10-20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, 10 minutes will be enough. Owners of oily skin should extend the treatment time to 20 minutes.

Протрите лицо полотенцем, слегка прикасаясь к нему. Нанесите питательную маску. После воздействия пара поры на лице широко открыты, и дополнительные средства по уходу за кожей будут как нельзя более эффективными. Для всех типов кожи рекомендуется маска из меда. Если у вас жирная кожа, можно использовать средство на основе яичного белка. Нанесите на лицо увлажняющий крем, смыв маску теплой водой. Он поможет смягчить кожу и снять раздражение после процедуры.

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