Stars that lost weight in 20 kg

Stars that lost weight in 20 kg
The stars of cinema and music have the same weight problems as ordinary people. The only difference is that each kilogram purchased or lost is considered and discussed in the pages of the "yellow press".

Matthew McConaughey

In the movie "Dallas Club Buyers" McConaughey got the role of AIDS-sick electrician Ron Woodruff. According to the plot, he had to look sick and exhausted. For the sake of the role, Matthew had to lose weight by 20 kilograms in a very short time. His daily diet consisted of diet cola, boiled chicken and egg whites. Occasionally the actor "spoiled" himself with a tapioca pudding, though he ate it with a diet spoon, stretching out the pleasure for an hour. Due to such strict restrictions, McConaughey lost 3-4 kilograms per week. The work and torture were not in vain, for this role, the actor received an Oscar. Almost immediately after the shooting, he managed to regain his former form and is already pleased with the fans with his pumped-up torso and an irresistible smile.

Kelly Osborne

The daughter of the great and terrible Ozzy Osbourne said many times that she would never give up fast food for anything. Spectators of the Osoborn Family are accustomed to seeing it on the screen with pizza, soda and chips. Everything changed when Kelly was invited to participate in "Dancing with the Stars". Daily five-hour training was given very hard, and then the girl's dancing partner advised her to reconsider her diet. Kelly reduced the consumption of sugar and white bread and she noticed that it became much easier to dance. From pizza and hamburgers, she never refused, but eats them now only in the morning and in very limited quantities. The result is minus 28 kilograms and photosession in a bikini on the cover of a glossy magazine.

Valentina Rubtsova

The actress of serials "Univer" and "Sasha Tanya" gave birth дочку в 2011 году. Вместе с радостью от рождения ребенка Валя получила в нагрузку и 20 лишних килограммов. Однако на зависть всем она смогла избавиться от них всего лишь за полгода. Во-первых, торопили обстоятельства – без актрисы не могли начать съемки ситкома «СашаТаня». Во-вторых, Валентина кормила дочку грудью, а это налагает определенные ограничения на рацион мамы. В меню были гречка и макароны в небольших порциях, изредка отварное мясо или рыба. Начавшиеся съемки едва не сгубили полученный результат, ведь артисты на площадке не всегда имеют возможность питаться правильно.


Популярная певица очень сильно recovered after the birth of the second child. She grew thin on Dyukan, refused any food, started yoga and pilates. The result was, but insignificant. The arrow of the scales froze at the level of 70 kilograms and did not want to move down, despite all the efforts. Jasmine asked for help from specialists. For the beginning, the coach made for her an individual training program, consisting of elements of choreography and power loads. After this, the nutritionist advised the singer to abandon all diets and just eat right: there is need to 6 once a day, and each serving should fit in a glass. Thanks to joint efforts, Jasmine managed to regain her former form. Now she devotes 2 training hours 3 times a week and eats small portions.

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