Some tips on how to take care of your neck skin

Some tips on how to take care of your neck skin
Regardless of what kind of skin on the face, on the neck it is always dry. Age is most noticeable on this part of the body, and therefore care for the neck should not be postponed until an indefinite time.

All the creams designed to care for the skin of the neck, are aimed at moisturizing and nourishing. It is necessary to pay attention to the cream, which contain hyaluronic acid, hydrogenated collagen, lanolin, bitter almond seed oil, olive oil extract. If a special cream for neck and neck skin was not at hand, absolutely any nutritional or moisturizing products will do.

On the front line of the neck, in front the cream is applied lightly upwards from the neck to the chin. This reduces the risk of stretching the skin. And on the sides, on the contrary, start from the top and move down from the ears to the clavicular region, this contributes to the outflow of lymph.

Decollete and neck cream can also be applied in circular motions, the most important thing when applying cream is not to put pressure on the skin.

Fight with ring pleats on the neck with the help of tingle. Tweaks must be perpendicular to creases and wrinkles.

The injections of botulinum toxin are well assisted from vertical strands (so-called turkey strands). And in order to maintain the elasticity of the skin, chemical peelings and biorevitalization (but only medial and superficial) can be done, as well as fractional laser thermolysis.

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