Some ideas of New Year's manicure

Some ideas of New Year's manicure
New Year's manicure should be special – such as it happens only once a year. Therefore, the most daring personal fantasies are welcome here, as well as the glamor affairs of the masters who will help make the manicure unique. New Year's holidays are the sparkling of toys, the flickering of Christmas lights, the glitter of gimmick and gift wrapping. Among this elegant interior it's easy to get lost, but not in the case if you make a special New Year's manicure – with it any outfit will become more vivid and memorable.

So, stock up in varnish with sparkles and metallic glitter, stickers of nail art and various decorative things that you find appropriate for the New Year's manicure. Forget about the time for the jacket and new – we will be bright!

1. Let's start with stickers and with bold imagination. Look for the material for the decoration of nails in the departments for the sale of gift wrapping, in the shops for needlewomen, and also on the online communities of scrapbooking fans. This is about rampant fantasy, which will lead to a completely exclusive version of the New Year's manicure. If there is no time to study these studies, you can use ready-made 3D-sets of Neil-Art. Here you can find tipsy with imitation embroidery and patterns with prints, beads, gold и серебром. Этими шедеврами можно украсить все ногти, а можно выделить один.

2. Стразы как нельзя лучше подходят для создания праздничного образа. Даже если под рукой нет специальных блесток для ногтей, прекрасно подойдут стразы для кожи. Их можно прикрепить клеем для накладных ресниц или специальным клеем. Попробуйте подобрать цвет камушка в тон лаку или поиграть с контрастами — так вы создадите интересное сочетание. Даже знаменитости украшают ногти, к примеру, кристаллами Сваровски.

3. And how is the idea of ??a New Year manicure in the form of precious stones? When on the nails shades of a diamond, quartz, ruby, moonstone or topaz, they look fabulously beautiful. And if the varnish is combined with the ring – this is altogether aerobatics. In addition, doing a manicure before holiday, you can hint to the second half of what kind of gift you dream to find under the tree. It remains to find such a varnish – it appeared on sale not so long ago.

4. A luxurious accent of precious stones will suit an elegant dress, and a disco-style outfit will require cheerful sequins. They are sold in any specialized store or department. They are applied to a non-dried base coat, lowering the nail into a jar with paillettes, then the extra brush is brushed. You can also use bottles of lacquered colors of pink and white gold with micro-confetti – a festive mood will be created in a matter of minutes.

5. Не бойтесь показаться слегка легкомысленными — возьмите пример с посетительниц салонов красоты Парижа XVII века. Они охотно пользовались лаком с блестками (глиттером). Этот лак можно наносить на прозрачную базу, на бесцветный лак или на цветной лак, создавая разные эффекты прозрачности, блеска и оттенков цвета. Закончить этот маникюр рекомендуют прочным покрытием. Красивого Нового года!

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