Solarium for sunburn: rules, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Solarium for sunburn: rules, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
With the onset of the first warm days, when the sun's rays are not enough, a way to acquire a beautiful sunburn can be a solarium. However, experts do not advise to abuse this procedure to avoid health problems. Fans of tan, on the contrary, argue that using the solarium is much safer than staying under the scorching sun rays.

Как и любая косметическая процедура, пользование солярием имеет свои преимущества и недостатки. Главное во всем соблюдать меру, не стремиться получить красивый загар ценой собственного здоровья.

Соблюдайте следующие правила при посещении солярия:

  • Use eye sunglasses and a hair cap.
  • Use the recommended tanning agents to avoid burns.
  • Do not use before the visit of the tanning salon with decorative cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants. In combination with ultraviolet rays, these agents can cause serious allergic reactions.
  • Do not try to get a bronze tan in one session. Observe the principle of gradualness. Do not exceed the time recommended for your skin type in the solarium.
  • After the procedure, moisten the body with a special milk or lotion.

The advantages of using solarium for tanning are almost the same as those provided by natural solar radiation:

  • Under the influence of ultraviolet in the human body, endorphins are formed, called "hormones of joy" from someone's light hand. So, visiting a solarium can save you from a bad mood and help you cope with depression.
  • Ultraviolet rays can inhibit the formation of pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the skin. This can help cure inflammatory manifestations.
  • Replenishment in the body of vitamin D, impossible without exposure to sunlight, which is successfully replaced by a solarium, serves as an excellent prevention of the destruction of bone tissue.
  • In addition, a visit to the solarium from early spring prepares the body for the beach season. It is a guarantee that the skin adapts to ultraviolet radiation and sun rays will not lead to burns.

The use of solarium conceals in itself and dangers, also similar to the harm from prolonged exposure to the sun:

  • Abuse of procedures for sunburn can lead to the formation of malignant lesions on the skin, such as melanoma. Ultraviolet can cause the appearance of pigmented spots on the skin. This disease is called vitiligo and is difficult to treat.
  • With increased sensitivity to sunlight, some people under the influence of procedures for sunburn can be observed premature skin aging, increased wrinkle formation.
  • Without insufficient protection when using a solarium, one can get a burn of the cornea of ??the eyes, which will lead to serious illnesses, for example cataracts.

Even if you observe all the precautions and the principle of gradualness when using a tanning salon, you need to remember that there is a category of persons who are not allowed to stay under direct UV rays.

  • Refusal to visit the solarium should serve as a disease such as diabetes, hypertension, endemic goiter and other disruptions in the endocrine system.
  • Do not use the tanning bed for pregnant and lactating women.
  • People who have moles on their skin, papillomas and pigment spots, before visiting the solarium, you should always consult a dermatologist. It is these skin formations that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation can degenerate into malignant tumors.

Sunburn in a solarium, subject to the necessary precautions, can have a positive effect on health and cause irreparable harm to the body if you abuse solar procedures.

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