Small Secrets of the Ideal Body

Small Secrets of the Ideal Body
To become the owner of a chic body is not so difficult as it seems! Just take on board a few simple tips from this article.

A beautiful body is distinguished by a smartness and lack of cellulite. How to achieve this?

1. Every morning, start with a stiff washcloth or a special brush. This stimulates blood circulation, which means that the skin becomes more elastic. Just do not overdo it!

2. Need to quickly lose a few pounds? Stop salt the food. In the opinion of nutritionists, it is so much water that leads to salt.

3. We praise vegetable fats, and they are really very, very useful. But do not forget that in addition they are very caloric. Therefore, one tablespoon of butter in a salad will be enough.

4. Слишком интенсивные тренировки могут помешать сбросу веса. Дело в том, что организм воспринимает их как стресс, а при стрессе вырабатывается гормон кортизол, ответственный за накопление жиров. Такой же эффект будет наблюдаться от неумененного потребления черного кофе.

Now about skin care:

1. Creams should be applied only on dry skin! Therefore, after the shower should be well wiped, as tap water is merciless to the skin.

2. The solarium is absolutely harmless, if you spend in it no more than 3 minutes at a time. During this time, UV rays do not have time to damage the skin.

3. Of course, the products from the bath line are perfectly fragrant, but they should be applied only once a day in the morning. Prior to this, it is recommended that the skin be podstimuliruyu serum.

And finally a few more points.

1. Cream for the body can be used as a means for wraps, if it is applied with a thick layer and wrapped in a food film. By the way, this enhances the effect of creams to correct the figure.

2. During sleep, growth hormone is produced, which is also responsible for the balance of fat in the body. The peak of production is from 22 to 2 hours, provided that you sleep. Therefore, "larks" retain their harmony longer than "owls."

3. The benefits of omega-fats – 3 (fish oil) for the skin proved to be minimal according to the results of recent studies. But the combination of vegetable fats omega – 3,6,9 + vitamin C – a wonderful, useful and easily digestible complex. So do not be lazy to take in the pharmacy extract evening primrose.

Be beautiful!

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