Small secrets of a bright look

Small secrets of a bright look
Just a few little things will make your look extraordinarily attractive!


To small wrinkles, swelling and bruising do not spoil your view, you should start with care. First of all, let's figure out how we … sleep. Do you know that the optimal temperature for sleep is a temperature not higher than 19 degrees? At this temperature, the intensity of dark circles under the eyes decreases, because this temperature is ideal for blood circulation. Also, you should sleep on high pillows: there is no swelling!

Now about the means of care. Keep in the refrigerator should only cream with a light texture. Heavy funds will freeze, and you will have to "rub" them into the skin, which is very traumatic. To get rid of wrinkles and swelling, the best remedy are special cosmetic patches. Stick them under your eyes every night, and soon you risk drowning in a sea of ??compliments about clear eyes.

But do not forget about the people's means! Compresses of black tea, chopped parsley and raw potatoes are no less effective. Just remember that just applying the leaves of parsley to the eyes is useless, and the substances necessary for the eyes are only in black tea.

Massage is an effective tool. Symmetrically press the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose, then go to the center, then – to the end. Massage the whiskey. Ten times push on the border of the lower eyelid and the edge of the orbital bone. And now fix your fingers on the skin at the temples and, squinting, count to 5. And now, blink a few times. Everything will go away from the power of 5 minutes, and the view will change.

Well, to relieve fatigue will help a warm compress, which must be imposed, in addition, on the forehead. Muscles relax, blood circulation in the eyelid area will improve.


First a couple of secrets:

– tweezers for eyelashes can be heated for a few seconds with a hairdryer. If they are not at hand, you can use … a teaspoon.

– Pencil for eyelids before grinding, hold in the freezer.

Well, now go to make-up! Before you draw a line with a liner, make a sketch with a pencil. When drawing the line with a brush, hold the brush flat to the eyelid. Do not forget about the support (for example, about the table).

Do you want a "cat's" eye section? Then you need to not only clearly draw the arrow and shade the shadows, but also correctly apply mascara: diagonally, from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

A drop of shimmering shadows on the center of the upper eyelid will make the gaze sparkle, and a white stroke under the eyebrow will lift them up. If you do not have flickering shadows at hand, you can use the lip gloss. However, remember that with age from flicker and gloss should be discarded, otherwise it will emphasize imperfections of the skin.

Yellowish eye whites can be masked with a light blue pencil or shadows. Just apply them on the lower eyelid! This is also true if you want to mask fatigue and lack of sleep. More radical means for masking fatigue and circles under the eyes – concealer. Peach is beautifully hidden brown-green bruises, beige – purple, and apricot – blue. If you apply it only in the corner of the eye and the inner third of a century, this will hide the shortage as much as possible. And it is better to use it in the last place: at the same time hide shattered shadows.

And I want to warn against one more blunder: do not look around with a pencil or a whole line! This will make them smaller.

Be irresistible!

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