Slimming massage by shiatsu technique

Slimming massage by shiatsu technique
It is widely believed that Shiatsu is an ancient technique of affecting the human body, although in fact the healing method arose recently, in the 20 century. Its creator is Dr. Tokuiro Namikoshi. Despite the fact that the technique is not old and not ancient, it still effectively copes with many diseases of the body. And with her help you can get rid of excess weight. At the heart of the shiatsu is the method of "amma", whose name translates as "comfort by hand". According to an ancient legend, the author of this method is the Chinese blind, who lived several centuries ago. This man earned his living by performing acupressure.

The term "shiatsu" comes from two words: "shea", " which means "Fingers", and "atsu" – "pressure". Thus, it becomes clear that the essence of the method is in pressing with your fingers. Due to this, activation of the "chi" energy in the human body, which is healing, takes place. Massage shiatsu is treated with fatigue, the work of internal organs, spine is restored. And also the metabolism is normalized and the weight is reduced.

It is important to know that shiatsu massage can not be performed by people who suffer from serious heart, kidney and liver diseases. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people who have high blood pressure.

Massage for weight loss in shiatsu technique is done as follows. First you need to find on the body of the point, clicking on which will help you lose weight. The first point is called "Tszu-san-li". To find it, you need to sit flat, bend your legs in your knee joints, put your hands on your kneecaps. The tip of the index finger will touch the desired point. To lose weight, you need to gently mash it up every day for a few minutes, preferably in the evening.

It is better for beginners to study with a specialist, since it is not so easy to find the right location of the right points. And the accuracy of the selected place depends on the result of the massage.

The second point is called "Shao-shan", and it is located on the thumb at the outer edge of the nail. If you strongly push on this place, there are minor painful sensations. The point should be massaged for a couple of minutes, not more.

The next place is called "Lowe-gu". This point is located on the inside of the foot at 3-4 cm above the ankle. It should be kneaded also within a couple of minutes, you do not need to press very hard.

The fourth point is called "Da-chuy" and is located on the back between the first thoracic and seventh cervical vertebrae. It is very easy to detect it. To do this, put your hand on the two most prominent vertebra at the base of the neck and slowly move your head to the right and left. One of them will move, and the second will not. It is he who is the first thoracic vertebra, and just above it is the dot "Da-chju". It should be gently kneaded, slightly bending your head forward. It is best to do this while sitting.

The fifth point ("Guan-yuan") is located slightly ниже пупка. It should be massaged in the supine position for 20-30 minutes. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor your condition. And with any hint of unpleasant sensations (nausea, dizziness, etc.), you should immediately stop the massage. The features of the impact on this point are as follows. You must massage her on an empty stomach. The impact is only once a day, and other points on this day can not be studied. The course of massage is a month.

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