Slender legs and tight buttocks for 30 days

Slender legs and tight buttocks for 30 days
Представленный комплекс упражнений подойдет тем девушкам, которые не имеют существенных отклонений в весе и с помощью физических упражнений хотят поднять тонус ослабленных мышц. Тем же, кто имеет проблемы с весом, следует начать с корректировки режима питания и консультации врача-эндокринолога, а затем уже приступать к выполнению комплекса.

We begin to perform all the exercises of the complex a small number of times. In the first days, it's enough 10 – 15 repetitions of each of them, in the following days, increase as you can. Stop on 30 repeats, then do not increase their number. Focus on the capabilities of your body. Ideally, after training, palpitations are felt, a slight tremor in the muscles, pleasant fatigue, a little increased sweating.

No pain, shortness of breath should not be observed. If unpleasant symptoms, such as shortness of breath, pain in the heart, dizziness, stop immediately, hurry around the room, rest.

Cells should receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, so exercise should be done outdoors or in a room with an open window.

Before starting the exercises, do an easy workout so that the body gently joins in the work, prepared for training. These can be breathing exercises with the dilution of hands to the sides, walking on the spot, for example.

Exercise 1.

Put your feet about the width of your shoulders, do squats. Squat not deeper than 90 degrees. Pop back. Keep your hands at the chest level, bending at the elbows and connecting the brushes, or on the hips. Rise – inhale – drop – exhale. Do not forget to breathe properly.

Exercise 2.

The starting position is the same. Squat, pull the ass back, go up and swing your foot to the side. They lowered themselves on exhalation, rose on inhalation, the leg goes up on exhalation, descends on inhalation.

Exercise 3.

Put your feet as wide as possible. Do squats, keeping the angle of 90 degrees. Do not forget about the right breathing!

Exercise 4.

Выполните прыжки. Ноги на ширине плеч, руки на бедрах. Количество прыжков равно количеству повторов упражнений. Дышите!

Exercise 5.

Put the heel to the heel – the toe to the toe. That is, the sixth position in the classical dance. Perform simple sit-ups. Do not forget about breathing!

Exercise 6.

Become in the sixth position. Pull one leg slightly forward, lifting it up. Divide the number of exercises into two stages. First run on one foot, the second, respectively, on the other. Crouch, not forgetting about breathing.

Exercise 7.

The sixth position. After a small jump, spread your legs to the width of your shoulders, sit down, again perform the jump, returning the stops to the starting position.

Exercise 8.

Repeat the jumps in accordance with the 4 exercise.

Exercise 9. 

From the sixth position, make attacks in the sides, alternating step to the left-step to the right. Put the feet at shoulder width or slightly wider.

Exercise 10.

The starting position is the same. Do the attacks forward, dropping the knee as low as possible to the floor, but without touching it. Later this exercise can be done with weighting up to 2 kg. Alternate the attacks with your right and left foot.

Exercise 11.

Repeat 10, but do not advance forward, but backward. This exercise can also be performed with weighting up to 2 kg.

Exercise 12.

Follow the steps in Exercise 4.

At the end of the workout, gently breathe, stretch tight muscles, you can perform one or two exercises from yoga, picking something to your taste. Drink water, walk around a bit, in no case taking a rest immediately after training.

In order for training to be most effective, never start activities on an empty stomach. You can eat a small portion of light food or some fruit. After training, eat a little sweet food to make up for the glucose level. This is useful for normal heart function.

The complex of exercises to perform better every other day, alternating, for example, with exercises to strengthen the press. Even after 10 – 14 days you will be able to enjoy the first results of your work.

Presented exercises are not only power, designed to strengthen the muscles of the body, but also cardiovascular. Please consider this circumstance so as not to damage your health. If you have any chronic illnesses or you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or endocrine disorders, consult a doctor about the possibility of using this or that exercise system.

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