Skin Health: Types of Peeling

Skin Health: Types of Peeling
Every woman wants to look beautiful and tries to devote enough time to it. Attractiveness is more dependent on the health of the skin, and if it is healthy, then the person looks much fresher and more beautiful.

With the help of peeling you can make the skin tender and light. This procedure removes the upper keratinized particles of the epidermis. The main task of this procedure Is to stimulate cell renewal. The skin begins the process of renewal, when the upper layer of cells is removed. In order to get rid of keratinized scales use special scrubs or creams. Depending on the use of the type of peeling, a certain kind of removal of the upper layer of cells is used. When mechanical peeling Dead cells are automatically erased. Chemical method involves the dissolution of cornified scales, and physical softens the skin before removal.

Peeling is also classified according to the depth of the effect.Superficial peelingwill be an excellent solution to such problems as oily skin, acne, enlarged pores. This species will not give a lasting result with age-related changes. But for moisturizing and cleansing the skinsuperficial peeling –perfect option. It includes fruit, ultrasound, physical peeling.

Median peeling It is used to eliminate age-related changes. Stretch marks and wrinkles are removed. Also this kind is applied before plastic surgery.

Deep or chemical peeling is the most effective remedy for wrinkles, pigment spots. This kind of cosmetic procedure is performed under anesthesia and after using this kind of peeling, serious complications may appear.

Peeling is quite safe, but on condition that all features of the human skin were taken into account and high-quality preparations were used. The cosmetologist is responsible for the performance of his work and he must comply with the rules and regulations, be attentive. The best option is to go to a certified specialist.

Doctors believe that the skin is no longer cleaned at all. This is due to the fact that the skin itself gets rid of keratinized particles perfectly, having a system of self-cleaning and self-renewal. In order to help the skin remove dead particles, it is enough to wash in the morning. When a woman forcibly removes a layer of skin, then it only hurts herself.

To peel it is necessary to resort, when there are serious cosmetic defects. In order to look fresh and attractive, it is enough just to monitor the condition of the skin and wisely look after it.

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