Skin care in winter. What do you need to know?

Skin care in winter. What do you need to know?
With the advent of winter with all its whims, you need to review the basics of caring for your skin. Under the influence of aggressive weather, the skin is not able to keep its fresh and healthy appearance. To help her in this difficult matter will be able to additional methods and means of care.

You will need
  • For a moisturizing mask:
  • – fresh cucumber;
  • – Honey.
  • For the nutrient mask:
  • – fatty sour cream;
  • – olive oil;
  • – lemon.
  • For cleansing scrub:
  • – sea salt;
  • – кофейная гуща.
In the winter, one of the detrimental factors for the skin of the open parts of the body is the cold wind. He actively dries and simultaneously weathers his face and hands. The natural protection is the lipid layer. It is represented by the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Under prolonged exposure to a cold, frosty wind, the protection does not stand up. And on the hands of this layer is almost none. The overdried skin becomes rough, shelled, covered with red spots or crusts.

Provide your skin, especially on the face and hands, with additional moisturizing. From cosmetic means are best suited fat moisturizing cream with the mark "winter". They include substances that actively take care of dry skin and maintain a natural protective layer. The most common nourishing mask according to the national recipe is prepared from fresh cucumber and two tablespoons of honey. Combine the cucumber with honey. The composition is applied to the face and hands. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with water.

Зимой кожа нуждается в дополнительном питании. В ее рацион необходимо включать как витамины и микроэлементы, так и незаменимые аминокислоты. Питательные маски на основе фруктовых кислот и полиненасыщенных кислот будут очень кстати. Процедуры в холодный период проводят чаще, чем в теплое время года. Оптимальным считается применение питательных масок для кожи лица и рук два раза в неделю.

Вполне возможно заменить средства промышленного производства на маску, приготовленную по народному рецепту. Для этого смешайте три столовые ложки сметаны с чайной ложкой оливкового масла и соком одного лимона. Все перемешайте и наносите толстым слоем на лицо и кисти. Избегайте участков вокруг глаз и губ. Через 15 минут смойте теплой водой. На кожу нанесите питательный крем.

Trying to protect themselves from frosty air, snow and rain, skin in winter thickens due to excessive formation of horny scales. They are a favorable environment for growth and reproduction of pathogens. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen measures for skin cleansing, especially on the face. Scrubs and cleansing masks in the winter season should be present daily. It is desirable to alternate their use.

A fairly effective scrub for the skin of the face, hands and whole body can be prepared from three tablespoons of large sea salt and the same amount of coffee grounds. Mix the ingredients and perform the peeling procedure every other day.

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