Skin Care in Autumn: Top-5 Seasonal Procedures

Skin Care in Autumn: Top-5 Seasonal Procedures
With the advent of autumn, the skin begins to demand more thorough care. Scorching heat, burning sun rays and city dust – all these summer joys have a negative impact on the condition of the skin, which is why in the fall it looks depressing. To return it to life will help special seasonal procedures.

Cleansing: washing properly

Коже необходимо хорошее очищение круглый год, а не только летом. Осень – подходящее время для того, чтобы изменить своему очищающему средству. Если в жаркое время вы пользовались подсушивающими или матирующими гелями, самое время перейти на более щадящие пенки. Обладательницы проблемной и жирной кожи могут чередовать средства: вечером умываться подсушивающим средством, а утром – более деликатным.

Despite the fact that it's already quite cold in the autumn, it's not recommended to wash with hot water. Otherwise your skin will become too lethargic. Do not go to extremes, washing with cold water. With its help, you can easily "catch cold" small sosudiki. The most suitable option is washing with cool water.

We arrange a masquerade

In the autumn, the skin needs masks more than ever. Any restoring, moisturizing, nourishing – cream, fabric or own preparation from improvised products. Masks can be absolutely any, and it is necessary to impose them on the face at least twice a week!

Fill the skin with moisture

Увлажняющие процедуры – обязательный пункт осеннего ухода за кожей. Дома и в офисе орошайте лицо термальной водой при первой возможности. Она замечательно увлажнит и освежит мэйк-ап. Если хотите более действенных результатов – отправляйтесь в салон на процедуру biorevitalization. Вовсе необязательно проводить ее целым курсом. Для восстановления гидрофореза кожи после лета порой достаточно и одного сеанса.

Do not forget to use moisturizers, only now apply them on the skin for 40-50 minutes before going out. The lower the temperature outside the window, the earlier it should be saturated with moisture before going out.

Do not write off the hydration of the skin from the inside. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of clean water a day. In a few days, your skin will look much better.

We write down for peeling

With the advent of autumn in the beauty salons, the peeling season opens. At this time, there is already no intense sunlight, which can provoke pigmentation after peeling, and until there are piercing winter winds. Surface chemical peeling can be started already with October.

Home peelings, too, no one canceled. A scrub based on coffee or salt will perfectly clear the skin of a layer of keratinized scales. True, peeling should not be abused, because they thin the skin. The best option is 1-2 times for 10-15 days.

We are carrying out vitamin therapy

Already with September You can start taking multivitamin complexes inside. In addition, you can enroll in mesotherapy. This procedure delivers the necessary vitamins directly to the skin.

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