Simultaneous plasty of the breast and nose: where to do?

Simultaneous plasty of the breast and nose: where to do?
Rhinoplasty and breast plastic surgery are two "crown" operations of the famous surgeon Tigran Albertovich Aleksanyan. In Moscow, many experts involved in breast augmentation, there are surgeons specializing exclusively in nose plasty. But Dr. Alexanian is perhaps the only Russian doctor able to perform both these operations simultaneously, and he does it at the highest level.

Double operations on nose plasty and breast augmentation are a unique offer of a well-known surgeonTigran Albertovich Aleksanyan. The main advantages are unique minimally invasive bloodless technologies and an irreproachably natural result without the slightest trace of surgical intervention.

Simultaneous operations or simultaneous operations on different parts of the body is an advanced solution that allows to achieve the desired result cheaper, easier and faster with a shorter period of postoperative rehabilitation and much more budgetary in terms of money. A plastic surgeon, who is taking up several shortcomings at once, must have extensive knowledge and a clear understanding of the process itself.

What are the advantages of double plasty in Dr. Aleksanyan?

Contrary to the fears of many patients, such operations do not take much time. Thanks to the great experience and jewelry technique of Tigran Albertovich, they last only about 2-2,5 hours. Nose plastic surgery takes one to one and a half hours (depending on the purpose of the operation), breast augmentation – less. So the patient spends on the operating table an average of about two hours. This is not much more than the time that each individual operation will require a normal plastic surgeon. Accordingly, the effect of anesthesia is reduced. Another obvious saving is the time for rehabilitation: both zones heal simultaneously and within a week, or even earlier, you can return to normal life.

In order for a double plastic surgery and subsequent rehabilitation to be successful, not only a plastic surgeon works, but also a professional team that ensures the successful passage of the preoperative and postoperative process.

Rhinoplasty and маммопластика от Тиграна Альбертовича – это качество, забота и прекрасный уход, позволяющий получить самый качество, удобство и быстроту комплексной пластической операции при минимуме болевых ощущений.

What is bloodless plastic

An important feature of the surgical technique of the doctor of medical sciences Т.А. Aleksanyan is a bloodless technology. If we talk about breast augmentation – this operation in itself is not particularly complicated and the risk of blood loss here is simply unacceptable. The surgeon makes a small incision on the skin, and the whole further procedure of detachment and the formation of a "pocket under the implant" is carried out by hands. At this stage, everything depends on the sensitive fingers of the surgeon. It is important to gently bypass the mammary gland without injuring it. Another small incision on the muscle (an implant is placed under it, not under the breast) – that's all. The entire correction from the first cut to the last weld is 30-40 minutes.

The second operation – rhinoplasty – much more complex and unpredictable. No wonder many plastic surgeons do not fundamentally take up rhinoplasty. It requires not only jewelry mastery, but also a thorough knowledge of anatomical aesthetic and functional nuances. The result of correction directly depends on the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon.

Tigran Albertovich – the best Russian plastic surgeon in the field of rhinoplasty and the only one who owns a bloodless technique of nose plasty. He applies only improved bloodless and "closed" technology "surgery, which gives significantly more The natural effect, leaves no visible traces of the operation and speeds up recovery. The operation uses minimal incisions inside the nose (on the mucous surface). They are carried out so as not to damage important vessels, feeding the tip of the nose. Special bloodless technique of detachment of soft tissues protects even small vessels from injury, and precision technology of resection of cartilage and bone tissues of the nose ensures maximum preservation of those zones that do not need correction. It is not surprising that after such operations there are almost no bruises and swelling, and the rehabilitation period is reduced by one and a half to two times.

How to make an appointment with TA Aleksanian for a double operation of the nose and breast

Call the clinic and make an appointment with the doctor of medical sciences plastic surgeon Tigran A. Aleksanyan. It is useful to have an x-ray of the nose. During the consultation with the doctor, it is necessary to discuss in detail all the questions of the forthcoming operation. The more accurate and specific your wishes will be, the better.

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