Simple ways to fix a stylish hairstyle for ballroom dancing

Simple ways to fix a stylish hairstyle for ballroom dancing
In ballroom tournaments, there are always special requirements for the appearance of the participants. In particular, girls need to give the hair a special styling. You can choose one of the admissible ballroom hairstyles and make it yourself or in the beauty salon. Admissible hairstyles for partners in ballroom dances are bunches and buns. Make a stack based on them will not be difficult in the home conditions, but it is desirable that someone helped with this, for example, an experienced hairdresser or girlfriend in the section ballroom dancing. Despite the general simplicity, hairstyles have several elements that can become difficult if you decide to style your hair yourself.

Выбор и укладка конкурсной прически — важная и ответственная задача. Необходимо, чтобы она соответствовала общему стилю, костюму пары и заявленной программе, а также подходила самой героине.

To create a classic bundle of braids you will need an elastic band, a roller, hairpins, jewelry, lacquer and foam for styling hair. Apply the foam on the hair and carefully comb them, achieving perfect smoothness. Divide the hair into three zones, assemble them into a low tail in the central zone. To the base of the tail, attach a roller or a chignon and secure it securely with the studs. Separate the strand from the tail, braid it in a braid, twisting around the base of the platen and securing with the help of pins.

Отделите следующую прядь, сплетите еще одну косичку, закрутите ее вокруг валика рядом со сделанной ранее косой и приколите шпильками. Проделайте это действие еще несколько раз до тех пор, пока не получите красивый и ровный пучок из кос. Концы завяжите, используя маленькие латексные резинки, и спрячьте внутрь пучка.

Grab a part of the hair from the right front of the head, comb, split into two parts, then cross and fasten with the pins around the beam. From each strand weave braids and fasten them parallel to the existing braids in the bundle. Do the same procedure on the left side of the hairstyle. Handle the hair extensively with lacquer and add floral ornaments.

Women during ballroom dancing are forbidden to wear bangs. If it is too long and interferes with the creation of a hairstyle, you can fix it with varnish together with zigzag twisted strands, then take it back or up with the rest of the hair.

Следующей популярной прической для бальных танцев является гулька со жгутами и косами. Для ее создания нужны одна простая резинка и несколько более тонких, невидимки, лак, шпильки и декоративный цветок. Разделите волосы на три части. Соберите нижнюю в тугой хвост и стяните резинкой. Равномерно распределите хвост по кругу. Возьмите три тонких пряди и начните плести косу. Во время плетения отделите от хвоста несколько одинаковых по размеру прядей и вплетите их последовательно в косу. Закончив плетение, стяните косу внизу маленькой.

Grab a piece of hair from the right front of the head and twist into a tight tourniquet. Repeat the action on the left side. With the help of the invisible, fix the two resulting bundles at the bottom of the tail. From the ends of the bundles, twist another small-sized tourniquet. Create a third bundle in the form of an arc over the beam and fix it with the studs. Using invisibles, fasten the entire bunch carefully. Spray the finished hair with a varnish and decorate with a flower.

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