Simple tips: how to apply makeup correctly

Simple tips: how to apply makeup correctly
How to apply makeup? Proper makeup is such a care for yourself, in which you look natural, but more charming than before. The main rule of proper make-up – do not overdo it with makeup.

Как apply correctly макияж самостоятельно? Воспользуйтесь некоторыми советами:

• Be sure to apply a foundation corresponding to the skin tone;

• Корректором исправляйте неточности и маленькие неприятности на своем лице;

• During the day, be sure to powder to remove excess gloss and always look fresh;

• Хорошо помогает поддерживать свежесть лица умывание холодной водой, а затем легкое нанесение пудры;

• If you are blonde, tint your eyebrows not in black pencil, but in brown. And vice versa;

• Карандаш для глаз выбирайте по своему вкусу, но помните, что легко можно обходиться и без него;

• Mascara must be present for a clear look and a visual increase in the eyes;

• How to apply makeup with using a lipstick? Lipstick in the correct make-up is also chosen to taste. Remember that it is better to use a neutral and natural shade than make up bright and look vulgar.

How to apply makeup properly, you need to know each girl и woman. Proper make-up should be present in your life every day, it is first of all confidence in your beauty and irresistibility. Beauty brings a woman happiness, only if she is confident of her.

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