Simple hairstyle on medium hair with your own hands

Simple hairstyle on medium hair with your own hands
From medium length hair it's easy to make simple and fast hairstyles. Use different techniques of weaving, waves and curls, knots, bundles. Remember that in fashion, high-lifted hair, volume and splendor.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair

If you have curly hair, create a voluminous hair on your head with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. First, wash your hair and lightly dry it with a towel. Then separate the strand of hair and place it in the "fingers" of the hair dryer. Dry the strand no more than 30 seconds. After that, go to the next strand. So, dry all the hair. After that, whip them with your hands. Externally, this hair style resembles a chemical wave. In order to keep the styling well throughout the day, apply foam to the hair before applying it.

If you do not want to leave your hair loose, make a tail. Collect hair from the sides, temples and fix them with an elastic band. Loose hair let fall down a waterfall. In general, the hair will look very romantic. And the back strands will not creep into your face.

Create a hairstyle with a rim of hair on your head. For this, brush off all the hair back. Then, from one side, select three strands and begin to weave the braid to the other side. The braid should be located close to the forehead. During the weaving, make new supports from the sides, connecting them with old strands. The end of the weaving is firmly fixed with invisibility. Thus, on the head you will get a bezel from the braid, and the rest of the hair will fall to the shoulders.

Another interesting hairstyle with weaving: divide the hair into a straight part and braid the two braids. They should start from the back of the neck and go down. At the level of the neck weave the braids into one, and put a beautiful hair clip on the place of their connection.

Hairstyles based on fleece

Different hairstyles can be performed on the basis of fleece. It can be done even if the hair reaches only to the shoulders. To create a fleece you may need a special hair roller. Place it on the top of the head, and cover it with your hair. If you do not have a roller, do your hair without it. First brush off the front hair on the forehead. Then select a wide strand on the back of the head and twist it into a bundle. Place the tourniquet in a circle so that the knob turns out. Lock it with invisible ones. Return the hair brushed back. They will close the cake.

If the fleece is very small, comb the hair at the roots. Then the hair will be more voluminous. When you cover the cone with your hair, collect them together and fix them with invisible ones. This part of the hair should not decay. In addition to invisible people, you can wear a beautiful hair clip.

Hairstyle with a fleece turns out very beautiful, if previously you wind hair on curlers. The waves will gracefully fall to the back. In addition, if the hair remains pretty much, you can braid the braid.

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