Side Effects of Hair Extension

Side Effects of Hair Extension
In pursuit of beauty, modern women are ready for almost everything. The fashion and cosmetology industry reacts quickly to this demand, offering more and more new methods and ways to improve itself. One of these areas of beauty was hair extensions.

Many girls want to have thick, long and healthy hair, but if nature has not awarded the natural beauty of hair, some are ready to correct this omission. And sometimes with the help of any means.

Hair extension is the procedure of adding artificial strands by gluing to the existing hair. Most often, girls want a hair extension, they have a fine structure, but it is here that the main difficulty lies – after all, artificial strands will pull the already weak hair down. Overhead strands significantly increase the load on the hair bulbs. This can lead to the fact that natural hair can not withstand such stress and fall out in whole bundles. In their place for a long time there will be a bald spot.

Another nuance that should be taken into account when there is a desire to increase hair is the features of the scalp with increased sensitivity. Women who have this feature know about this, because they have learned to select specialized means for hair care. And with hair extensions, such women can have a lot of side effects – from irritation of the scalp and itching, to the appearance of rash and even dermatitis.

Artificial hair is made from specially designed material – kanekalon. This is a thin fiber, having the closest to the natural appearance. However, before deciding on such a procedure, you need to consult with specialists, and better – with a doctor to understand how the artificial material will affect the body.

Contraindications to hair extensions include taking hormonal medications or antibiotics, because in this case artificial strands will not hold. Unconditional contraindication is pregnancy or breastfeeding, because the buildup can negatively affect the health of the baby, because, anyway, this is an unnatural procedure for the body.

Increased hair requires special care and safety rules, combing them can only special scallops with sparse denticles. With accreted hair, you can not make masks for care and you can not go to the sauna, because they do not tolerate heat.

To reduce the side effects to a minimum, you can, if you build up your own hair, trimmed earlier. They have the same structure, they are ideal for thickness and color, and will look organically. However, cases of such growth are rare, because when a woman cuts long hair, she rarely thinks that she will soon want to build them up.

In any case, when deciding on hair extensions, you need to weigh the pros and cons, to figure out whether the result is possible complications and consequences.

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