Shave the guys hair on your stomach and chest

Shave the guys hair on your stomach and chest
Some men shave their hair on the abdomen and chest to look more attractive. However, this attraction is most often imaginary, as not all women like clean-shaven representatives of the stronger sex.

Is it worth shaving the man's hair on the chest and stomach for hygienic reasons?

Some guys decide to shave their hair on their chests and abdomen, as they have heard somewhere that this will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are no compulsory requirements for this action, since the hair covering in these parts of the body does not affect health in any way. Another thing – depilation of hair on the stomach and chest in the summer and hot season, as abundant vegetation retains moisture, secreted by the body, and hair removal will help get rid of excessive sweating and unpleasant odor. The same goes for depilation of hair in the armpits.

In addition, some representatives of the stronger sex begin to remove hair on the chest and stomach at a more mature age. Then, when they start to turn gray and have an unattractive appearance.

Opinion of women about shaving men's hair on the chest and stomach

One of the most authoritative English magazines – Eva, conducted a survey among its readers, concerning the need to shave the men's hair growing on their chest and stomach. According to the results of this survey, 89% of women believe that a man should not remove hair on these parts of his body. In addition, 60% of women surveyed prefer men with medium vegetation on the stomach and chest, and 10% are crazy about the abundant hair on the male body.

As other sociological surveys show, women believe that hair growing on the chest and abdomen of the stronger sex is a sign of maturity, attractiveness, masculinity and brutality. And it is this factor that stands at one of the first places among the most important attributes of male sexuality. He was ahead of only a beautiful and resilient priest, high growth, as well as an athletic figure.

Sexologists say that during sexual contact with girls, the hair growing on the belly and breasts of a man, begin to touch the female body, thereby causing frank excitement and delivering girl some fun.

Some guys prefer to shave their hair on the chest and stomach because they constantly perform hair removal in the groin area. They are sure that the shaved groin will not look too harmonious against the background of the abdomen and chest, richly covered with hair. This is entirely logical, but it all depends only on the desire of a representative of the stronger sex and the desire of his second half.

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