Secrets of thick hair or how to wake dormant hair bulbs

Secrets of thick hair or how to wake dormant hair bulbs
The number of hair follicles is approximately the same for all people. Genetics only affects the color, thickness and growth rate of the hair. If the hair is noticeably thinner, it indicates a protracted phase of rest of most hair follicles. Timely measures taken to awaken the roots of the hair will restore the hair's former splendor and density.
The phase of "sleep" of hair bulbs in a healthy body lasts approximately 3 months and affects about 10-12% of the total hair cover. Therefore, a small amount of daily hair falling out is a very natural process and should not cause concern.

A sharp reduction in the volume of the hairstyle signals the fallen asleep follicles and stops the growth phase.

The reasons for the deterioration of the hair condition can be both psychological and physiological. The transferred stress causes vasospasm of the whole body and disturbs the blood circulation of the scalp, which leads to a deficiency in the nutrition of the root system of the hair. Improper hair care can cause inflammation of the follicles, blockage of the sebaceous glands and provoke the onset of the rest phase.

Modern shampoos are literally stuffed with soothing, moisturizing and nutritious ingredients. These additives excel at coping with cleansing and care, but remain a thin film on the skin and hair. Trichologists recommend once a week to peel the head. It will improve blood microcirculation, increase tone and eliminate oxygen starvation of cells.

Mix 2 art. spoons of large sea salt and 3 art. spoon conditioner for hair, add 5 drops of essential oil of jasmine or lavender. Wet your head and gently rub the composition into the roots of the hair, leave to act for 5 minutes. Then wash your hair as usual.

With increased fat content, add cedar or lemon oil to the scrub. Rid of dandruff will help the essential oil of rosemary or eucalyptus, added to the mixture.

Качественно очистит кожу головы смесь голубой косметической глины и морской соли. Порошок глины и соль смешать в равных пропорциях, разбавить теплой водой до консистенции густой сметаны и нанести на кожу головы. Смойте маску через 3 минуты.

Express peeling: mix the usual shampoo with 2 art. spoons of soda and just wash your hair. Brunettes can use coffee grounds instead of soda.

Head massage removes fatigue and activates dormant hair follicles due to increased blood flow. Mass the scalp with the pads of your fingers, in circular motions from the temples to the crown. Every evening, comb the hair from the back of the head to the forehead at least 150 times, and then backwards. Use a comb with rounded teeth or a brush made of natural bristles.

Маски для активации волосяных луковиц также направлены на усиление кровообращения кожи головы. Для этих целей подходят жгучий перец и горчица, дополненные питательными компонентами.

In a glass bowl, mix 2 art. spoons of mustard powder, egg yolk, 3 teaspoons of sugar. Pour the mixture with hot water until a thick slurry forms, add 3 st. Spoons of warm almond oil, stir until homogeneous. Apply the mixture on the scalp, lightly rubbing the composition into the roots of the hair. Wrap the head with a food film or put on a plastic bag, wrap the top with a towel. You will feel tingling and burning – this thermal effect enhances the effect of the mask. Time of the procedure: hour. However, if you feel severe pain – flush the compound immediately.

Tincture of hot pepper is mixed in half with water and add 2 spoons of castor oil. The liquid is applied to the roots of the hair and, having insulated the head, it lasts an hour. Then wash your hair as usual.

Не пренебрегайте головными уборами – холод пагубно действует на фолликулы и может спровоцировать отмирание волос.

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