Secrets of the stars: how to look good after a long flight?

Secrets of the stars: how to look good after a long flight?

A long and tiring flight can adversely affect the appearance and face in particular. To look after the flight, like a movie star, you need to know a few tricks that they use.

Уловка №1 автозагар. Если хочется, чтобы по прилету лицо выглядело свежим, то вначале полета следует нанести на кожу лица, шеи и область декольте легкий автозагар. Одна процедура не изменит кардинально цвет кожи, она лишь сделает его более здоровым. Этим способом пользуются многие актрисы и модели.

Trick # 2 helium mask. You should take an ordinary helium mask with you, while in your purse it will remain cool. It should be worn during sleep and rest, the helium mask is able to prevent swelling of the eyes, relieve the bags under the eyes.

The trick is 3 earplugs. An irreplaceable attribute when flying are ordinary earplugs. They will facilitate the task of sleeping in a long flight. After all, sleep is another guarantee of beauty and good appearance. Ear plugs will also provide silence for reading.

In addition to these things, do not forget to put a comb and cosmetic bag in your purse with the necessary cosmetic products, in a long flight to them you can also include matting facial tissues. Drink clean water throughout the flight.

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