Secrets of Oriental Beauty

Secrets of Oriental Beauty
From time immemorial, oriental beauty and grace were considered the pinnacle of femininity and a model of benevolence. Today, Asian beauty does not lose its mysterious attractiveness. Fortunately, modernity came very close to unraveling the eastern beauty, which is very useful for Westerners. Eastern beauty is largely based on behavior. That's what geishas say, who know that the mind and the ability to present themselves are no less important than the quality of a kimono. Eastern gentleness should be traced in everything – from the manner of speaking and ending with the language of gestures. The voice of the Eastern girls always has a muffled intonation. The Asian lady will never allow herself to go to screaming or admit an inappropriate, humiliating, joke. Offensive in the East is considered a direct humiliation of those present and third parties who do not participate in the conversation. In other words, always and in everything the oriental young lady should be kind-hearted and open. At the same time, oriental ladies clearly know the line between kindness and stupidity, and they never allow one to doubt their dignity.

As for appearance, Oriental ladies are always feminine literally to the tips of their nails. Slovenliness is inadmissible in any detail of the image of a beauty. In addition, the historical tradition of the East for a long time ordered women to wear strict hairstyles, the hair was always retracted into neatly laid bunches. Loose hair was a sign of working origin, so women paid particular attention to styling.

Кожа лица и рук восточной женщины – это доказательство ее чистоплотности, отменного здоровья и чистых помыслов. В Японии, Корее и Китае до сих пор сохраняется мода на белоснежную кожу. Для этого дамы используют осветляющие тональные кремы, пудры и флюиды. При этом перебор в мейк-апе, как и на Западе, считается проявлением дурного тона и вульгарности. Хотя на Востоке это бывает редко, потому что местные красавицы от рождения обладают хорошим вкусом и чувством стиля.

Of course, to dress in oriental garb to take over the Asian mystery is not worth it. It is enough to create a reserved and feminine image with the help of a combination of democratic things and feminine attributes. In Japan and Korea, ladies like large ornaments that give them femininity even when combined with jeans and stretched sweaters. By the way, to emphasize the figure in the East is not accepted. Ladies on the eastern side of the planet rarely boast of magnificent shapes, so they often mask the features of the figure under the three-dimensional forms of clothing.

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