Secrets of groomed legs

Secrets of groomed legs
To implement a dream of beautiful legs will help a few simple rules.


1. Shower
– Remember that too hot water dries the skin and provokes the appearance of vascular networks. At the end of the procedure, beat your feet with cold water.
2. Humidification
– Pay special attention to the legs and knees – there is usually the most dry skin. In the hips rub the cream with massage movements – this will help prevent cellulite.
3. Exercises
– Trained legs always look great, regardless of shape.

Three times a week:

1. Massage with a brush
– Перед душем помассируйте ноги мягкой щеткой для тела по направлению вверх. Такая процедура улучшает кровообращение и помогает уменьшить целлюлит.
2. Artificial sunburn
– Golden legs look longer and slender than pale.
3. Depilation
– Smooth, without a single hair, legs look slimmer than overgrown. Therefore, make sure the legs are smooth.

Once a week:

1. Exfoliation
– Deep exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells. Apply body scrub with massage movements from the ankles to the hips. After exfoliation, use a moisturizer.
2. Massage
– Massage the feet over the entire surface to stimulate the lymphatic system and thereby promote the elimination of toxins. This will also help prevent cellulite or fight its manifestations. After the procedure, lift your legs and lie down 20min, completely relaxed.

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