Secrets of evening care for the body, face and hair

Secrets of evening care for the body, face and hair
With the onset of twilight, the principle of the human body's functioning changes: cell division, excretion of wastes and assimilation of useful substances become active, melatonin synthesis occurs. It is considered an effective antioxidant and regenerator of skin cells. For its synthesis in the body is responsible for vitamin A – the main ingredient of night caregivers, which does not work under lighting and loves the dark.

For this reason, the principles of skin care in the evening are different from daily cosmetic procedures, which specialize only in protection from external influences. The process of every night care is important, peculiar and irreplaceable. It is customary to conduct it in several "approaches"

Stage of preparation

The basic requirement of "skin" procedures is cleansing. Without it, the use of the cream is ineffective. Fat and sweat from the skin should be removed, even if the whole day is spent indoors. Dry skin desirably treated with milk, and combined and fat – with a more light consistency (foams or gels). The latter is not recommended to be washed off with cold or hot water – this turns the purification procedure into contrasting washings. They are useful, but they have a tonic effect and are more appropriate in the morning. If the rinsing is not to your liking, it is recommended to use make-up remover.

Уход за лицом

Experts insist that the optimal period of application of the caregiver is half an hour before the cessation. If you use the cream before and do not go to bed, the result may be weak, since the work of its components is designed for relaxation of the skin and darkness.

Cosmetics for face care should be selected in accordance with age requirements. Young people are recommended to use funds with moisturizing effect. Mature skin needs regenerating care – it stimulates the renewal process and can consist of a duet of whey and cream, which brings a double benefit. All night drugs should be enriched with vitamins A, C, E and hyaluronic acid: this is worth paying attention to when buying them, giving preference to well-known brands.

Pose during night rest is also important for the effectiveness of care. For the skin of the face, sleep on the back or on the side is ideal. The position of the body with the face, which is buried in the pillow, slows the heat exchange and provokes the appearance of puffiness and early wrinkles.

Body Treatments

Our body also needs humidification and modeling. This problem is helped to solve preparations of anti-cellulite, tightening and regenerating directivity. And to combat the orange peel, it is desirable to use both day and night means – the principles of their effect on the skin are different. Daytime – slows the process of accumulation of fat, and night – stimulates its processing.

Hands, feet, neck and decolletage are always subject to every evening moisturizing at any age.

Care of hair

After daytime stress, hair may not look good: night masks, sprays, and serums contribute to the restoration of their healthy appearance. If you have the strength to take a bath, you should use hair oil. Before application it must be heated in hot water and evenly distributed on strands. After that, the head turns into a towel and the compress keeps in this form for a quarter of an hour, and on dry and damaged hair – until the morning. This procedure restores and strengthens every hair, if you apply it a couple of times a week.

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