Secrets of charming lips

Secrets of charming lips
Whatever lips nature has given you, in your power to make them beautiful and well-groomed.

Let's start with the care of the lips. If you use lip balm, it's laudable, but it's not worth it. Here are some tips:
1. When brushing your teeth, brush your lips (but without fanaticism!). Her bristles remove the dead particles, and menthol in the toothpaste will improve blood circulation. But do not forget to apply balm after the procedure, and it is better to make a mask.
2. Take a balm, honey or Vaseline and apply on the lips a thick layer. Cover the food film and refrain from talking minutes for 15. Then massage your lips. After the massage, remove the balm / honey / Vaseline napkin. Absolute comfort and delicate skin of the lips are guaranteed!
3. Perfectly suitable for the lips essential oils, especially mint and cinnamon. You can apply them on the lips before going to bed.
4. But the facial care for the delicate skin of the lips is fatal, especially scrubs.

The correct make-up will make the groomed lips even more beautiful:
1. Хотите четко очерченный рот? Нет ничего проще! Поставьте “галочку” в центре верхней губы, расставьте точки по боками – как в садике мы соединяли Pictures by points, remember? – and connect them. If the line is too clear, just shade it to the center of the lips.
2. Белые тени, нанесенные under the lipstick, will make its tone lighter, but the bronzing powder is darker.
3. And choosing a lipstick, remember that light shades of the lips increase, and dark – reduce.
4. Powder for lipstick long ago has sunk into oblivion! To fix the lipstick (and at the same time enhance its color), apply a blush on the lips.
5. Another secret is how to choose the right lipstick so that it looks as natural as possible. Bite your lower lip (just gently!) And compare with the color of lipstick you want to buy.
6. Do not paint the corners of the lips – otherwise they will seem to be pinched.
7. Учитывайте освещение! При свете камина, свечей, торшеров – то есть при теплом освещении, остерегайтесь оранжевый и коричневых оттенков. Голубоватые оттенки исключены, если в помещении холодный свет – лампы дневного света.
8. Glitter makes the lips plump and attractive, but with age, it is better to give it up. Also, shine and mother-of-pearl should be avoided if photography is to be done.
9. If you do not want to "contact" with a pencil, then take a cotton swab, dip in a foundation, then – in a transparent powder and go around the contour of the lips, smoothing imperfections.
10. On appetizer most importantly: do not seek absolute symmetry! It is proved that men consider women, whose upper lip is slightly larger, more sexual. Just do not bring everything to the point of absurdity: a couple of "superfluous" drops of brilliance and everything!

Be irresistible!

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