Secrets of body care

Secrets of body care
Another selection of the most relevant body care tips that every girl should know!

  • In the winter to save a skin of a body from dryness it is possible, having added in habitual loson the children's nutritious oil.
  • Also in winter it is better to give preference to a warmer soul than to baths – the latter will promote dryness and stiffness of the skin. However, once a week the bath does not hurt: a bath with pine extract, for example, perfectly removes stress!
  • After washing dishes, it is always advisable to lubricate hands with cream. And even better – wash the dishes in gloves.
  • If you put the perfume right – behind the ear, between the collarbones, on the inside of the elbow and under the knee – their scent will be with you all day!
  • Autosunburn stodit "stains"? Take a sponge, lightly sprinkle it with ordinary baking soda and wipe the spots.
  • Penki for shaving legs perfectly replaces the kondinzer for hair!
  • Need to get rid of burrs? In the evening, apply a thick layer of Vaseline on them and wear warm socks. The next day you easily get rid of them!
  • To keep the legs more smooth after shaving, use the following recipe: in the basis of almond oil, add tea tree oil and mint in equal parts. Regularly use the product and enjoy the result!
  • If the face scrub chosen by you is too rough, use it to heal the heels!


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