Secrets of Beauty Cleopatra

Secrets of Beauty Cleopatra
It is said that the legendary Egyptian queen did not differ in natural beauty. However, her cosmetic secrets worked wonders and still enjoy incredible popularity. Cleopatra has proved by her own example that beauty can be fashioned with her own hands, properly caring for herself.

Cleopatra often pampered her body with baths. For their preparation, she used exclusively fresh milk of donkeys, honey and almond oil. A modern woman can afford a bath for such a recipe. Of course, exotic milk is difficult to find, so it can be replaced by cow. Add to the warm water 1 -1.5 a liter of milk, ? cup of natural honey and 2 st.l. almond oil. To the body of the queen beamed with beauty, the slaves rubbed it with a special scrub made of salt and milk cream.

Cleopatra paid particular attention to her hair. To wash her head, she used raw chicken eggs. They intensively nourished them and preserved a luxurious, healthy appearance. Whisk the eggs until smooth and rub into the hair and scalp. After 15-18 minutes, rinse with a stream of running water.

Honey mask for the face according to the recipe of the queen of Egypt can easily be made in Home conditions. In equal proportions, mix cow's milk and honey bee. A curative mixture put a thin layer on the face and take half an hour. After rinse with cool water.

The next secret of charm and unsurpassed beauty of Cleopatra is a unique clay mask. Take white cosmetic clay, sour cream, honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained. Keep the mask for at least 20 minutes. This time is enough to make the skin incredibly soft, elastic and smooth.

После маски царица наносила на лицо крем, приготовленный из измельченных листьев алое, розовой воды и свиного жира. Это средство вы можете сделать и в современных conditions. In a water bath, melt the fat and add the remaining ingredients. The agent should be stored in the refrigerator.

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